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RUFORUM in partnership with mastercard foundation is implementing a programme known as “Transforming African Agricultural Universities to meaningfully contribute to Africa’s growth and development (TAGDev)”. The TAGDev Programme seeks to transform African agricultural universities and their graduates to better respond to developmental challenges through enhanced application of science, technology, business and innovation for rural agricultural transformation. Under TAGDev, there is a specific focus on community action research designed to allow African universities develop and capitalise more comprehensive and sustainable participatory action research and establish platforms for engagement with all the stakeholders including the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.  The Programme is known as the Community Action Research Programme PLUS (CARP+). Each community action research project involve training graduates (PhD. and MSc.) and undergraduates in particular countries or geographic areas,  a selected commodities, and nest its research along the full commodity value chain. Read more about our graduate students and what they are studying.

CARP+ Students Profiles

Richard M. Maina is a Kenyan National and studied Bachelor of Science Food Science and Technology from Egerton University and currently undertaking MSc Food Science and Technology in the same University.  Maina is working on Larger Beer production from Cassava (Manihot esculentaCrantz) Hydrolysate under the Cassava CARP+

Enoch Teye Kwao Ametepey (Ghanaian) was born in the Eastern Region of Ghana, and grew up in a little village situated in-between Somanya and Akuse where cultivation of cereals and vegetables on small scale are the main occupation and source of income of the community. Enoch enrolled in the Bachelor of Science degree programme in Agricultural Extension and Community Development at the University of Cape Coast and graduated with First Class Division Honors. He is currently a RUFORUM MasterCard Foundation Scholarship beneficiary on the (Pineapple Value Chain Project In Ghana), and pursuing Master of Philosophy in Agricultural Extension in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension at the University of Cape Coast (Ghana). Enoch is with a dream to become a Lecturer (Agricultural Educator), a Community Development Expert and a Consultant who will integrate development with Agriculture to alleviate poverty and empower Ghanaians especially the unemployed youth. He has special skills are in implementing Action Research Process, Developing Extension Training Guides, Designing of Communication Strategies, Planning and Implementation of Community Development related projects among others

Oforiwaah Kukuwaa Smith is a Ghanaian and hails from the Central part of Ghana (Dunkwa-On-Offin), an area where Agriculture (fish farming, fruits and crop production) is the main occupation. Oforiwaah enrolled into the University of Cape Coast, Ghana for Bachelor of Science Agriculture programme. Honoured with a Second Class Lower division, Oforiwaah is currently specializing in Post-harvest Technology at the graduate level at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Oforiwaah is so much concerned about how to use technology to mitigate post-harvest losses and nutritional problems faced by many in society. Her interest stems of her experiences in addressing the importance of nutritional value, convenience, safety and shelf life of fruits and foods at the undergraduate and during her National Service at Department of Agricultural Engineering at University of Cape Coast. She is currently a RUFORUM MasterCard Foundation 2018 CARP+ Scholarship beneficiary. Oforiwaah has the passion for establishing an Agro-processing Centre to mainly process and package agricultural produce to prevent postharvest losses in Ghana. She also has a dream to become one of the female Food Science Researchers in the world

Oggema Judith Natabona is a Kenyan. She is currently a RUFORUM MasterCard Foundation 2018 CARP+ Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing PhD Plant breeding at Egerton University, Kenya. She has a dream that she will be part of scientists who will transform the potato value chain in Kenya though the development of drought tolerant potato varieties able to attain high yields to the local farmers under diverse conditions for food security and nutrition sensitive products and poverty eradication through income generation and improved livelihoods

Emmanuel Hanyabui (Ghanaian) was born in 1992, and grew up in the Western Region of Ghana, a region where agriculture including fishing and animal husbandry on small scale are the main occupations and sources of income of the community. Emmanuel was enrolled in Bachelor of Science degree program in Agriculture at University of Cape Coast, and graduated with Second Class Honours (Lower Division) with specialization in Soil Science. He is currently a RUFORUM MasterCard Foundation 2018 CARP+ Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing Master of Philosophy in Land Use and Environmental Science at University of Cape Coast (Ghana). Emmanuel has a dream to become a Lecturer and promote research in other to know the health status of our soils and how to remediate the soil for better crop production and enhance food security to reduce poverty and also help solve food shortage

Samwel Ochieng Onyango is a Kenyan citizen fluent in three languages, English, Kiswahili and Luo and a holder of a degree in BSc. Food Science and technology of the University of Nairobi. During my undergraduate program, He attended an Attachment program at the Coca Cola Bottlers, Kisii. During his attachment he learnt to acknowledge the importance of value addition of products and general benefit of processing as a method of value addition to products. After his graduation, He attended the Nairobi Agricultural show (2016) and learnt the importance of agriculture as a drive to African economies and thus the incitement to pursue a master degree in agriculture. Currently, he is undertaking his MSc studies in Food safety and Quality at University of Nairobi, Kenya.  He is working on his research project proposal titled development of protein and mineral enriched cassava root-millet – cowpea leaves composite flour from selected varieties in Kenya coastal regions, which is under the cassava project –RU/2018/CAP+/04. The specific objective that he intends to achieve is development of processing and preservation of cassava roots as a means of value addition to the crop leading to production of a nutrient enriched composite cassava flour. He finds it interesting to work with others especially towards the realization of a common goal. Team work is an area he likes to venture into each day.

Rose Njeri Kamau is a Msc. Student at University of Nairobi. She holds a Bsc. Agriculture general and currently pursuing a Msc. in crop protection in University of Nairobi. She is an extension Officer under Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Kenya. Having served as a Crop Officer for 16 years in five sub Counties within four Counties, she understands quite well the challenges that need to be addressed if Kenya has to make a difference in food security and if small scale farmers have to make a meaningful living out of subsistence farming. Among the greatest challenge is pests and disease infestation. Globally farmers’ lose upto 40% to pests and diseases infestation and the loss are even higher in developing countries due to farmers’ limited knowledge on plant health issues, control options that may not be readily affordable and accessible. Unlike agronomy plant health is highly dynamic and the farmers have to consult continually. She served as a plant doctor, Nakuru North District, from 2010 after which she rose to the position of assistance national coordinator in charge of implementation of plant clinics in Kenya by 2013.  She was responsible of training extension officers on how to do good diagnosis and give farmers good recommendation. Having worked in 14 Counties by 2017, she gained a wealth of experience on challenges the farmers go through in pests/disease management. Among them are increased pests resistance to pesticides, pests re-emergence and emergence of new pests/diseases all which threaten food security and farmers livelihood. This motivated me to acquire more knowledge on pest management without compromising human, food and environmental safety. My project area is effective management of whiteflies in cassava which will provide affordable and accessible options with an aim to increase productivity for farmers living in marginal areas in Kenya

Justine Nakibuule is a Ugandan who graduated from Kyambogo University with a second class upper bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences 2011. She is currently a first year, RUFORUM CARP+ project Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Masters in Crop science of Makerere University with a major focus in Crop protection. Justine has worked with National Coffee Research Institute (NaCORI) - Kituuza (Uganda) between January- October2012 as a volunteer in plant pathology. She later joined the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) - Namulonge (Uganda) as a research technician in the National Legumes Research Programme from November 2012- April 2018. Her agricultural background is her strongest pillar in this regard and she believes it will comfortably get her to create a change in the way farmers think about some sustainable agricultural interventions starting from the outcomes of her own personal research and this will indeed be the best opportunity long awaited for her to build her career as a scientist


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