CARP+ Students Profiles

RUFORUM Community Action Research Programme

RUFORUM in partnership with mastercard foundation is implementing a programme known as “Transforming African Agricultural Universities to meaningfully contribute to Africa’s growth and development (TAGDev)”. The TAGDev Programme seeks to transform African agricultural universities and their graduates to better respond to developmental challenges through enhanced application of science, technology, business and innovation for rural agricultural transformation. Under TAGDev, there is a specific focus on community action research designed to allow African universities develop and capitalise more comprehensive and sustainable participatory action research and establish platforms for engagement with all the stakeholders including the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.  The Programme is known as the Community Action Research Programme PLUS (CARP+). Each community action research project involve training graduates (PhD. and MSc.) and undergraduates in particular countries or geographic areas,  a selected commodities, and nest its research along the full commodity value chain. Read more about our graduate students and what they are studying.

CARP+ Students Profiles

Magdalena Ilongeni Kamati is a Namibian animal scientist who graduated from University of Namibia with Honour’s  Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Animal Science) in 2017. She got a scholarship in 2017 to study Masters of Science In Agriculture (Animal Science) from  Bush-to- Feed Project, a two years initiative that was funded by Finnish Embassy in Namibia to explore the potentials of utilizing bush encroacher species as livestock feeds to control bush encroachment and increasing feed availability especially during drought at University of Namibia’s experimental farm. Her thesis research looked at qualification and characterization of agro-industrial by-products and their potential in supplementing bush feeds in Namibia. While working on her thesis, she worked in the Bush-to-Feed Project as a research assistant for six months. Currently,  she got a RUFORUM project scholarship to pursue a PhD in animal Science where she will be evaluating the effects of bush feed pellets on milk yield, composition and reproductive performance of lactating cows. Her experience in bush feed  innovation and affiliation for livestock feeding is her strongest motivation in this regard and she believes that livestock  production can sustainable even during drought years if there is a good rangeland management strategies such as bush feed innovation

Joyvin Kanuameva is a Namibian who graduated from the University of Namibia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science (Honours) in 2011. He will be a first year, RUFORUM ‘Bush-to-Feed’ project Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Animal Science through the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) of the University of Namibia with a major focus in Animal Nutrition. Post-graduation Joyvin worked as a Temporary Teacher in the Ministry of Education based at Danie Joubert Combined School between 01 June-31 December 2011 where he taught Agriculture (Grade 5-10) and History (Grade 9 and 10). He later started working as an Agricultural Researcher in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry’s Directorate of Agricultural Research and Development, Livestock Development Research division based at Kalahari Research Station on 07 May 2012 to present, and his focus area is mainly but not limited to Small Ruminant production research. Coming from a majorly subsistence farming background with special focus on animal rearing, he is driven to contribute to the improvement of rural livelihood by increasing livestock production through applied agricultural research and development.

Cecil Togarepi is a researcher and a PhD RUFORUM CARP+ project scholarship beneficiary. Cecil is an Agricultural Economist whose interests are in agribusiness, agricultural development and value chain development. He has been a student in the department of Agricultural Economics from Undergraduate to Graduate studies at the University of Namibia and since 2013 to date he has been employed in the same department as a lecturer. Cecil hopes to contribute to agricultural development through promotion of climate change adaptation and climate smart agriculture that is environmentally sensitive.

Mutwakil IbrahimNorelglil (Sudanese) was born in 1992, he was graduated from Faculty of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Sciences and Technology, with First class bachelor’s degree in Soil and Water Sciences in 2015. he is currently a second year, RUFORUM CARP+ project Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Masters in Soil Sciences, at University of Gezira, with a major focus in  making compost fromcrop and animal residues   

Umukalthom Hashiom is a Sudanese, born in 1992, and grew up in the Gezira state. She was graduated from the Department of Crop Sciences Faculty of Agriculural and Environment Sciences, Gaderif University, with B.Sc. first class in 2015. She is currently a second year, RUFORUM CARP+ Project beneficiary, pursuing a Master in Water Management at University of Gezira with a major focus in increase rainfall water use efficiency to produce fodder crop. Umukalthom work as teaching assistant (part time) at Gaderif University during 2015-2016.


Alnzeer fathi omer was born in 1993, and grew up in the eastern Sinner state. He studied the basic and secondary school in the same area. He was graduated from the Al-zaeem Azhari University, Faculty of Agricultural Department of animal production in 2017. He worked as a teaching assistant at the same University in the department of animal production.  He was worked in several animal production companies. He then joined a RUFORUM scholarship at University of Gezira in 2019 his research in l poultry for improving the production of eggs in local breeds. This project will be held in a village in the north of the Al- Gezira. The main objective of the project is to teach the villagers how to raise the poultry under good management to improve their production and thus increase their income and improve their livelihood. In the future, he wants to form a local breed with high production efficiency under local conditions and compete with the global poultry breed


Yousif hamed dldom (Sudanese) was born in 1994 and grew up in the East Sudan (kassala city). He is a Master of Science student in Water Management and Irrigation Institue  at university of Gezira. Yousif has a Bachelor of agricultural Sciences (Agricultural Engineering) from University of Gezira (2013-2018). He is currently second year, RUFORUM CARP+ project scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Master in Water Management, with major focus in family drip irrigation



Emtnan Daw albait is a Sudanese who graduated from Sudan University of Science and Technology with a second class upper bachelor’s degree in Horticultural Science 2014. She is currently a second year, RUFORUM CARP+ Project beneficiary, pursuing a Master in Horticultural science at University of Gezira with a major focus in vegetable production. Emtnan has a many training Experience in Ministry of Agriculture and irrigation (Botanical Garden) 2013, Shambat Center for Agricultural Training, Green house management 2015, Medicinal and Aromatic plants and Traditional Medicine Research Institute, National Center for Research 2014. She later joined to the Agricultural Research Corporation (sudan) as assistant researcher in Horticultural crops Research Center, Nov 2017, Vegetable crops _ onion and sweet potato program. Her Agricultural background is very good and she believes in her ability to persuade the farmers to change their way of thinking about the outcome of her research and other researches


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