Cohort three student profiles

The students from Egerton University

Stanley Chesoli Nyongesa

Stanley Chesoli Nyongesa is a third-year Student at Egerton University pursuing a Bachelor of Education Arts in the Faculty of Education and Community Studies. He is a class representative of his class and also the representative of all the 2017 class. At the age of three months he was abandoned by his biological mother and raised by a grandmother who passed on leaving him at the mercies of an uncle since he doesn’t know his father. He didn't know that his grandmother was not his real mother until at the age of 10 years; and it was not easy to accept. He went to primary school in Misanga and later joined Namanjalala Secondary School where he sat his first KCSE examination in 2012 and scored a C+ of 48.

Simon Kabugi Mbogo

Simon Kabugi Mbogo is a third-year student at Egerton University pursuing Bachelor of Education (Arts). He hails from Ngorika village Nyandarua County, Kenya. He is one of the beneficiary of tuition fee support offered by RUFORUM through the TAGDev program at Egerton University for the needy students. Simon was enrolled for his early childhood education in the year 1998 to 2000 where he acquired his basic education. In his tender age he was vocal and enhanced learning and discussions.

Seline Akoth Ouma

Seline Akoth Ouma is a fourth-year female student at Egerton University taking Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology in the department of Dairy and Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture. Seline started school at Dr Robert Ouko Primary School in Kisumu County and left in the year 2011 attaining 314 marks at the KCPE exams. She then joined St. Cecilia Aluor Girls Secondary School in Siaya County in the year 2012 and left in the year 2015 with a mean score of A- (74 points) in KCSE exams. Seline is from a humble background with five siblings, her being the fifth born. In her family there are three college students.

Samwel Ngala

Samwel Ngala is a fourth-year student at Egerton University pursuing Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management. He is ambitious, confident, proactive and innovative. He hails from Nyamrambe village in Siaya County from a family of 8 that mainly depends on fishing and farming as the main source of income. He has a great passion in education and has been successful from primary until the final year at the University. He has also managed to pursue a professional course CPA (successfully completed Section 3). However, in his career journey he has experienced financial challenges, many thanks to RUFORUM through the TAGDev program at Egerton University for the tuition fee support given to him.

Samuel Ndungu Mwaura

Samuel Ndungu Mwaura, a third-year student at Egerton University, was born on 29th May 1997 in Nyandarua County. He hails from a very humble background. He joined Kabati Primary School in year 2004 for his primary level education. At this level he was able to engage in co-curricular activities and leadership. He thereafter joined Ngeteti Day Secondary School in GilGil Constituency in 2013 to 2016. Samuel ensured he did his best to achieve better results. Apart from just doing well in class he participated in co-curricular activities such as playing football, netball and volleyball, and also in Christian Union activities like leading in worship songs.


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