Capacity building

RUFORUM supports institutional strengthening of member universities through human capacity development. This focuses on;

•    Mainstreaming new approaches within university teaching/research that have impact across the agricultural sector’s value chain.
•    Improving adaptive capacities of universities to produce high quality and innovative training, research, & outreach service
•    Increased use of technology to support effective, decentralized learning and sharing of knowledge
•    Training a critical mass of MSc and PhD graduates who are responsive to stakeholder needs and development goal.
•    Catalyzing Technical and Vocational skills development and enhance TVET-University integration
•    Increasing the participation and voice of women in Science, Technology and Innovation.

The Graduate Teaching Assistantship Programme (GTA)
The GTA Programme is an African-based initiative contributing to RUFORUM’s strategic goals of building synergy from networks of specialization to develop quality human resources and capacity required to intensify and increase Africa’s agricultural productivity and competitiveness.Read more

The Graduate Research Grants (GRG)
The GRG has been the conventional mechanisms to support research themes at member universities. RUFORUM provides two-year grants awarded to the Principal Investigator (an individual senior lecturer of a member university) to support agricultural action research and the training of MSc students with a provision to retain a cohort undergraduate students as research assistants. Read more.

Call for Proposals Graduate Research Grant - 2024  [Open ]  ||  Previous GRG Proposal Calls

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme
RUFORUM-Carnegie supports doctoral alumni for 24 months post-doctoral fellowships to be based at a member university in Africa. The 24 months post-doctoral fellowships builds on, and helps to scale up, the RUFORUM commitment to strengthen postgraduate training and academic mobility in Africa. Read more

Call for Post-Doctoral Fellowship Grant - 2023/2024 [Open ]

The Doctoral Grants
A range of grants and scholarships were initiated in 2012 that are targeted to expanding the CGS to include more doctoral students. It was motivated by the need to support field activities during PhD studies and to ensure that there is an emphasis on participatory, action research. It is also a mechanism to provide opportunities for regional students to attend courses outside their home countries and give impetus to upgrading, and diversifying, the qualifications of faculty throughout the region. Read more

Field Attachment Programme Awards (FAPA)

RUFORUM Information Management System (RIMS)
The RIMS platform is used to manage RUFORUM core activities such as scholarship and grants management, projects, alumni, etc Read more

RUFORUM works with innovators at the different universities to help them develop their ideas into commercial ventures. The SME hub will enable these and other African innovators and entrepreneurs professionally grow their ideas into businesses, with access to free business management tools, mentors, investors as well as provide information and accept available start up competitions run by RUFORUM. Read more

The Higher Agricultural Education Capacity Indicator (HAECI)
The Higher Agricultural Education Capacity Indicator (HAECI) platform provides detailed time series data on various demographic characteristics among RUFORUM’s Member Universities Read More.