RUFORUM Vision 2030
The RUFORUM Vision 2030 envisions Vibrant, transformative universities catalyzing sustainable, inclusive agricultural development to feed and create prosperity for Africa. Read More.

The Higher Agricultural Education Capacity Indicator (HAECI) platform provides detailed time series data on various demographic characteristics among RUFORUM’s Member Universities Read More.
RUFORUM Impact Stories
The Platform showcases RUFORUM activities in African Universities such as trained students in PhD and Msc, technologies developed, research grants awarded and others. View the impact

The RIMS platform is used to manage RUFORUM core activities such as scholarship and grants management, projects, alumni, etc . If you would like to apply for a scholarship or grant, and you don't already have an account,please register here

The RUFORUM 18th Annual General Meeting from 12-16 December 2022 To be held at Harare International Conference Centre in Zimbabwe
The AGM will be an opportunity to forge new partnerships, network, discuss emerging issues, share lessons and establish the potential to adopt best practices across the 148 RUFORUM member universities from 38 African countries. This 2022 AGM will be organized under the theme: Sustaining African Industrialization through Innovative Agricultural Research, Training and Outreach in the Post COVID-19 Era and will emphasize on the link between universities and agriculture and their potential synergy for agricultural transformation. The AGM will also be a platform for dialogue on issues impacting Agricultural Higher Education, Science, Technology Innovation and Industralisation in Africa..
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