The MasterCard Foundation Grant to RUFORUM

The mastercard Foundation Grant to RUFORUM

The mastercard Foundation delivers its charity and development agenda guided by the aspiration of advancing education and financial inclusion to catalyze prosperity in developing countries. It accordingly seeks for a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. The Foundation holds this belief because of the fundamental alignment that all people, no matter their starting point in life, should have an equal chance to succeed and, given access to education, financial services, and skills training; people can have a transformative opportunity. Owing to the fact that the RUFORUM innovative training proposition aligns with The mastercard Foundation philosophy and mission,

The mastercard Foundation approved a grant of US$27.1 million to RUFORUM for a period of eight years (2016 - 2024). This grant will support the training of 220 (110 undergraduates and 110 Masters) African economically disadvantaged students, giving opportunity to those from post conflict countries such as South Sudan, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.  The Programme will be executed by the RUFORUM Secretariat, together with two early adopter universities; Egerton University (Kenya) and Gulu University (Uganda) with opportunity to engage the other 64 RUFORUM member universities in Africa.

The MCF - RUFORUM Programme Unit

The TAGDev Unit is one of the programme management units within the RUFORUM Secretariat which links with the programme management units that are established at the early adopter universities (Egerton University and Gulu University) as well as the other 129 RUFORUM member universities and partners that will be engaged in the TAGDev Programme. The Programme Management Unit will be responsible for among others:

  1. Provide Programme leadership at strategic and operational level and coordinate all annual work planning, technical and financial project reviews, evaluation, and implementation of activities with team members, Partners, and other stakeholders that are party to the success of the TAGDev Programme;
  2. Support systems development and management through identification, designing and implementation of effective and efficient systems to support the smooth implementation of all Programme activities including among others operations, financial management, monitoring, and reporting;
  3. Undertake implementation with and for quality through the design of monitoring tools, coordination between partners, regular tracking of project results, and ensure adequate data collection for high quality reporting to The mastercard Foundation. The unit will also coordinate partner development of case studies that analyse and document key lessons emerging from the TAGDev Programme;
  4. Undertake knowledge management in alignment with the RUFORUM Knowledge Management Strategy and The mastercard Foundation knowledge generation and management strategic focus. The Programme Unit will undertake extensive monitoring, research and evaluation component of the programme and oversee development of electronic records, produce and disseminate learning from external and internal engagements with stakeholders;
  5. Facilitate reaching out to network universities through capacity development of management staff through focused training and networking opportunities. The unit will execute this through identifying the critical gap areas in coordination with the Board Committees of RUFORUM including the Board Executive, Deans and Principals, and Technical Committee and deliver it within the approved budget framework.
  6. Undertake full responsibility for coordination and facilitation of programme activities through organizing and facilitating regular meetings with partners, students and other  stakeholders, including those supporting leadership training, placement and internship, entrepreneurship training and learning as well as mentorship.
  7. Responsible for technical reporting and documentation by ensuring high-quality and timely submission of all narrative reports and deliverables to The MasterCard Foundation and, through the Executive Secretary, make such reports available to RUFORUM Management Committees and other stakeholders, as and when necessary
  8. Financial monitoring through overseeing monitoring of expenditure, budgeting and variance and address any problems in good time to ensure timely programme implementation, including student welfare. The unit will also ensure the preparation of accurate and timely financial reports including availing all necessary support documents such as original receipts to facilitate The MasterCard Foundation audit process;
  9. In coordination with The mastercard Foundation, undertake strategic communications through the development of studies and communications materials for external audiences, articulating achievements, impacts and lessons learned by the TAGDev Programme;
  10. Develop external relationships with relevant stakeholders that facilitate timely and effective implementation of the Programme in the early adopter universities and in other Network member universities through the reaching out framework. The external relations will include a strategic focus on building linkages with the private sector and industry professionals and practitioners;
  11. Ensure equity, diversity and merit components of the Programme are well respected and implemented to the letter. The Programme Uunit will ensure that all aspects of equity, diversity merit and respect are enshrined and the design, approach, work plans, monitoring, evaluation and research, and mentorship programmes consider the overall needs of all women and men; and the disadvantaged, regardless of creed and/or religious affiliation.

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