The Thought Pieces on the COVID-19

  The Thought Pieces coming from our Webinar series

  1. Universities Supporting Family Farmers during and Post Covid-19 Pandemic in Africa by Africa Amb. Josefa Sacko Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union Commission (AUC)
  2. Strengthening Afro-Arab Partnership for Agricultural Development by Prof. Ibrahim Adam El-Dukheri ,Executive Secretary, Arab Organization for Agricultural Development
  3. Delivering Food for Africa in a Transforming Agri-food System in the ‘New Normal’  by lHon. Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto ,Minister of Food and Agriculture, Ghana
  4. Re-contextualising support for enhancing productivity and technical assistance for smallholder famers by Dr. Agnes Kalibata
  5. Delivering Food for Africa in a Transforming Agri-food System in the ‘New Normal’- Response by the African Union Commission  by Dr. Godfrey Bahiigwa
  6. Innovations for delivering agricultural advisory services to farmers to enable them make smart decisions by Dr Abebe Haile-Gabriel
  7. Delivering Food for Africa in a Transforming Agri-food System in the ‘New Normal' by Dr. Simeon Ehui
  8. Positive Learner Attitude: Why it Matters for Effective Delivery of Higher Education in the ‘New Normal’ by Dr. Alice Mutiti Mweetwa
  9. Repositioning RUFORUM to adapt to the changing landscape and to cope up with global funding melt-down by Dr. Egeru Anthony
  10. Re-imagining higher education in Africa in the “new normal" by Prof. Amon Murwira
  11. The COVID-19 crisis and the future of education  by Dr. Daniel Sherrard
  12. COVID 19 recovery: an opportunity for RUFORUM?  by Prof. Malcolm Blackie
  13. Repositioning Higher Education for a postCOVID-19 world by Prof. Kay
  14. What are the emerging challenges and issues that face universities in undertaking research in light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic? by Dr. Runyararo 
  15. Implications of COVID on RUFORUM Secretariat Funding and Operations by Dr. Nakayiwa
  16. RUFORUM proposes four priority responses to the COVID-19 pandemic: by Ms. Judith Ann Francis
  17. Corona has taught us that we must respect and work with each other by Dr. Eusebius J. Mukhwana
  18. Likely global impact of COVID 19 on the Agriculture and Research and Development operations by Dr. Patrick Okori
  19. How can African universities stay relevant during this global pandemic?  by Joan Apio