Our Grants

The open grants - Deadline 15th Jan 2022

  1. RUFORUM-MaRCCI: Call for Post- Doctoral Fellowships: RM/2022/Post Doc/02
  2. RUFORUM: Call for Post- Doctoral Fellowships: RU/2022/Post Doc/01

The Closed Grant calls

  1. RUFORUM Global Research Alliance Graduate Research Grants -- Call ID RU/GRA-GRG /2020  [ Deadline 31st June 2020 ]. Download related call documents
  1. Call for Post- Doctoral Fellowships - RUFORUM-NaCRRI:  Call ID RN/2020/Post Doc/02  [Deadline 10th June 2020 ]
  2. Call for Post- Doctoral Fellowships:  Cadd ID: RU/2020/Post Doc/01  [ Deadline 10th June 2020 ]

For more information on the granting processes.. Click here