Governance and Structure

The RUFORUM Governance structure is designed to promote ownership of the organisation by the member universities while at the same time ensuring good international practices and quality. The governance structure of the consortium consists of:

The Annual General Assembly: This is the annual meeting of RUFORUM member universities and other stakeholders and it is the supreme organ of the organisation. The functions include:

  • Guiding the overall orientation of RUFORUM mission and programmes
  • Approving the annual work plan and budget
  • Receiving and considering external auditor’s report
  • Appointing external auditor for the following year.

The Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is composed of representatives of Vice Chancellors, Civil Society & Private Sector, NARS/Regional Research and Training Networks and Organisations and Continental/International organisations as spelt out in the Articles of Association of RUFORUM. The Board meets at least once a year and undertakes the following functions:

  • Legal representation of RUFORUM
  • Approving policies and budget
  • Recruiting management staff
  • Nominating specialised committees, including the Technical Committee
  • Supporting resource mobilization
  • Linking to national governments
  • Marketing RUFORUM

Deans Committee: Consists of Deans of participating faculties. It meets at least once a year. Its functions are:

  • Review of issues from the National Forums and Regional Thematic Groups and feedback of information to the Secretariat and Technical Committee
  • Advise the RUFORUM Secretariat on activity progress and issues emerging at individual university and country levels.

Technical Committee: This Committee is composed of three elected representatives of the participating Faculties in RUFORUM and four representatives of stakeholders from outside the university system. The Committee has an elective Chair who serves for 3 years and the Executive Secretary is the Secretary to the Committee. The Committee meets usually twice a year. The functions of the Committee are:

  • Review and approval of grant proposals
  • Advice to the Secretariat on calls for proposals and emerging issues
  • Advise on capacity development thrusts
  • Oversee research and training activities

International Advisory Panel (IAP) Consists of eight eminent international experts, 4 from within and 4 from outside Africa. It serves to support international recognition of RUFORUM and its programmes. The IAP major functions are to:
•    Provide international oversight and Quality Assurance
•    Mobilize international support and partnerships
•    Provide policy advice to the Secretariat and Board
•    Advise the Board on research, training and outreach thrusts, and on the grant rules and guidelines.

National Forums: The National Forums (or RUFORUM chapters) are established at country level, according to the specificity of each country. Each is composed of representatives of participating universities, other actors such as policy makers, national farmer organisations, national agricultural research and extension systems, and members of the Technical Committee for that country. It is chaired by a distinguished person outside the university system and has a secretariat based in a member university. Each National Forum meets at least twice a year and has the following functions:

  • Championing and coordinating activities and stakeholders
  • Assessing the demand for university R&D, prioritising research, planning and monitoring of activities
  • Analysing interventions, learning lessons and fostering adaptation of the research and training efforts
  • Mobilizing resources and advocacy
  • Documenting and publicizing the activities of RUFORUM both at national and international levels.

RUFORUM Governance structure diagram

Report to the RUFORUM Governance following meeting of the Board Executive Committee on 23 June 2020
The Board Executive Committee met on 23rd June 2020, virtually, to review operations of the Secretariat and follow up on decisions of the 2019 Board and AGM meetings, and subsequent issues emanating from the various Board Committees including reviewing emergent issues, among which was the COVID-19 Pandemic. Below is a Summary of decisions and recommendations agreed upon during the Board Executive Committee meeting of 23 June 2020. Download full report

The Revised Constitution for the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture
This Constitution was Approved and Endosed by the 17th Annual General Meeting  of 10th December 2021 which was held at Red Auditorium, Palais de Congress, Cotonous, Benin. [ Download ]

The Governance Manual for the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture
This Governance Manual was Approved and Endosed by the 17th Annual General Meeting  of 10th December 2021 which was held at Red Auditorium, Palais de Congress, Cotonous, Benin. [ Download ]