How we grant

Our Granting Process

  1. The RUFORUM Secretariat mobilizes financial resources to fund the CGS. The RUFORUM Secretariat does not have sufficient funds to award many grants. The CGS is a very competitive program.
  2. The Grants Unit periodically circulates calls for proposals targeting the member universities.
  3. Faculty members with PhD qualifications and from RUFORUM full member universities are invited to submit proposals. If you already have an account in our online grants application system please log in here to submit your proposal online.
  4. The RUFORUM CGS emphasizes participatory action research, linking faculty and students with rural communities, promoting inter-disciplinary research and encouraging multi-agency teams to create impact across the region. The CGS encourages students to work closely with rural communities and primary producers and others along the value chain, in partnership with other NARS stakeholders. RUFORUM is dedicated to continuing to emphasise participatory action research and development and a pluralistic and interdisciplinary approach to research and experiential learning.

Useful Competitive Grants Resources
  1.     The RUFORUM Competitive Grants System Manual
  2.     A Sample Proposal Example One
  3.     A Sample Proposal Example Two
  4.     A Sample Proposal Example Three
  5.     A Sample Budget Example One
  6.     A Sample Budget Example Two

Grants Awarded by RUFORUM

The RUFORUM Secretariat has funded over 300 impact oriented research grants since 1992. These grants have encouraged better university recognition of grassroots demands. Please visit the link below to view previously funded Graduate Research Grants, Community Action Research Projects, Institutional Strengthening Grants, Field Attachment Awards and Other types: