Risk Management Framework

RUFORUM’s vision for risk management is for all stakeholders and decision-makers to be fully informed of risks, and that anticipated risks are effectively managed in the achievement of our network’s objectives and business continuity. Risk management benefits the network and our clients by enabling new ideas to be explored and potential risks to be managed to minimise their impact.
We are committed to continuing to improve our operational efficiency and find innovative ways of delivering our services to our customer segments - 1) RUFORUM members, who benefit from “club goods,” the special services reserved for members; 2) Users of the “new graduates,” who pay for employees in the market as private goods; and 3) regional, continental and global partners, including African policy-making bodies at all levels and the many donor investors who finance both the policy-making and operational research bodies, who will be intensive users of “global public goods” generated by RUFORUM’s understanding of University systems, value chains and market demands for African agriculture and skilled human capital - without compromising quality or lifting risks beyond a level that we are willing to accept.
Risk management plays a critical role in helping us understand the impacts and manage the risks associated with these priorities. It helps us determine an appropriate control environment and balance of strategies to address the risk so that we are using our resources efficiently and effectively. It involves making decisions and establishing governance systems that embed and support effective risk process, as well as building an organisational culture that supports alertness, openness and responsiveness to change.