Mr Espoir Bagula

Mr Espoir Bagula, born on 18 February 1987, is a holder od a BSc in Agricultural Sciences (Crop production) and an MSc in Land resource and environmental Management awarded by the Université Evangélique en Afrique (UEA). Currently, he is a lecturer of Geoinformatics, Land Resource and Biophysical Modeling related course units at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental science of UEA. During his career, he is working in the area of soil and water conservation with a strong component of climate change and crop and hydrological modelling. He is an expert in Geoinformatics, Land Resource and biophysical Modeling with ten years of experience. He is working for the Geoinformation Center as a senior spatial analyst and instructor. He had participated in several regional consultancies on the hydrological system, soil and water conservation, climate change, land use, agriculture system and development and geohazard for flood planning and landslide. For it, he has worked as a consultant for IDRC, CORDAID, UNDP, FAO, IITA, IFDC, GVTC, DR Congo Government, World Bank, etc. He is doing a PhD in Soil science at Makerere University through the GTA Program of Ruforum. His topic of research is on Water use Efficiency under selected soil and water conservation practices and climate change impact assessment in Ruzizi catchment, Eastern DR Congo. He has published more than 18 papers as author and co-author in peer-reviewed journals