Enhancing Efficient Energy Coping Mechanisms in Olio Sub-County, Eastern Uganda

This field attachment programme aimed at disseminating the MSc. study findings and train women and local artisans in constructing improved cook stoves. The programme thus provided an opportunity to the community to discuss the issues affecting them with regard to fuel wood. It also provided an opportunity to obtain tangible practical skills in construction of fuel efficient cook stoves using locally available materials. Through this project, it has been demonstrated that it is possible for rural households to construct and utilise fuel efficient cook stoves. Owing to this project, collaboration between blacksmiths and potteryists in Oburin parish was initiated leading to the formation of Oburin Stoves Enterprise (OSE). The OSE is aimed at diversifying community income sources, protect the environment, improve household stability and health. This project has also shown that communities can take action if provided with timely information and startup inspiration.
Ce programme de raccordement sur terrain visait la diffusion des résultats d’étude de maîtrise, et à former les femmes et les artisans locaux dans la construction des foyers améliorés. Le programme a donc été une occasion pour la communauté de discuter des questions qui les touchent en ce qui concerne le bois de chauffage. Il a également fourni l’occasion d’obtenir des compétences pratiques tangibles dans la fabrication des foyers à combustibles efficaces pour la cuisson en utilisant des matériaux disponibles localement. Grâce à ce projet, il a été démontré qu’il est possible pour les ménages ruraux de fabriquer et d’utiliser des foyers à combustibles efficaces pour la cuisson. Grâce à ce projet, la collaboration entre les forgerons et les potiers dans la commune d’Oburin a été lancée, conduisant à la formation de l’Entreprise de Fabrication des Foyers d’Oburin (OSE). L’OSE vise à diversifier les sources de revenude la communauté, de protéger l’environnement, d’améliorer la stabilité et la santé des ménages. Ce projet a également montré que les communautés peuvent prendre des mesures si elles sont pourvues d’informations en temps opportun et de l’inspiration de démarrage.
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The 2012 RUFORUM Biennial Conference is the third in the series. The main objective of the Biennial conferences is to provide a platform for agricultural research for development stakeholders in Africa and beyond to actively exchange findings and experiences, while at the same time learning lessons towards improving performance of the agricultural sector and ultimately people’s livelihoods. The biennial conference is RUFORUM’s most comprehensive meeting for the diversity of stakeholers in agriculture. It is especially dedicated to graduate students and their supervisors, grantees in RUFORUM member universities and alumni. It is a platform for peer review, quality control, mentorship, networking and shared learning. The third Biennial Conference was attended by 657 participants.This record contains an extended abstract accepted under the Cross Cutting theme