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Consumption of potato in Kenya has been increasing over the past few years and it is now one of the most highly consumed crops. Many families eat it as a staple food, but it is also becoming a significant source of income due to its short maturity time, high yields per unit area and the ability to harvest it twice a year as opposed to the other staple foods like maize. Its favourable agronomic characteristics have led many farmers across the country to venture into production of the crop. However, it has been realized that potato production is hampered by lack of access to certified potato seed as well as limited knowledge on good agricultural practices on potato production, post-harvest handling and market linkage. Read More

Potato project to unlock potential of crop in the Rift

Nakuru County government in partnership with the National Potato Council of Kenya, Egerton University, and Baraka Agricultural Training College will hold the South Rift Region Potato Fair on August 31 at Baraka Agricultural Training College in Molo. The event will seek to unlock the potential of potato farming in the county. The Irish potato (Solanum tuberosum) is the second most important food crop in Kenya, after maize. The tuber can be used in making stew, mukimo, fried chips, crisps and other meals Read More


In the lush green rolling hills of Molo in Kenya lies Baraka Agricultural College, an exemplary Agricultural Technical Vocational and Training (ATVET) institution whose focus on nurturing skilled, relevant and market ready graduates is visible. Baraka Agricultural College prides in its competence based training approach that it executes in a range of training offerings including: Diploma in horticulture producer, Diploma in entrepreneurial agriculture, Diploma in sustainable agriculture and rural development, Certificate in horticulture producer,  Certificate in agripreneurship, Certificate in agripreneurship, Certificate in dairy farm management, Certificate in fishery technology, Certificate in bee keeping, and Certificate in sustainable agriculture and rural development. These course offerings respond to the market needs at local and regional level, especially the need for hands-on graduates that service agricultural production operations. Read More

Preparing for work in the potato sector: TAGDev students participate in field attachment at National Potato Council of Kenya  

For two months, at the end of 2018, three students supported by the TAGDev Potato Community Action Research Project (CARP+) were attached for internship at the National Potato Council of Kenya (NPCK) based in Nairobi. They were among the five students of the first cohort of Master of Science in Community Studies and Extension at Egerton University sponsored by the TAGDev Programme coordinated by RUFORUM and funded by the MasterCard Foundation. Internships are part of the requirements for the Master’s in Community Studies and they aim to provide students with opportunities for experiential learning, application of knowledge and skills acquired in class and co-generation of knowledge which organizations and communities can utilize for socioeconomic development.. Read More

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