University of Pretoria


The Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences consists of 17 departments specialising in highly relevant programmes within the biological, mathematical, physical, and the agricultural and food sciences. These departments are agricultural economics, extension and rural development; anatomy; animal and wildlife science; biochemistry; consumer science; food science; genetics; geographym geoinformatics and meteorology; geology; insurance and actuarial science; mathematics and applied mathematics; microbiology and plant pathology; physiology; physics; plant production and soil science; plant science; statistics; and zoology and entomology. Centers of relevance include UP's experimental farms; the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute; the Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Well-being; the Post-Graduate School of Agricutlure and Rural Development; and the UP Water Institute.  The Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences offers degree programs from the undergraduate level through to the PhD.

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South Africa
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Southern Africa
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