Call for Proposals/Action Plans to support Existing Projects under the RUFORUM Community Action Research Program (CARP) to Establish Outreach Centres


Purpose of the Extension

In order to ensure that these action platforms (outreach centres) are sustainable and integrated into the university system an additional grant of $50,000 is to be made available. The intention is to ensure that these platforms/outreach centres continue to be used for other research and outreach activities by the universities; that they continue to engage with a wide range of stakeholders as well as serve as Regional Focal Points for RUFORUM Network Members; and that they are able to continue to provide input to the university research priorities, curricula review and opportunities for practical experience. The action/innovation Platforms does not have to be restricted to the same faculty members, or even the same departments or faculties that implemented the CARP Projects. It should be a dynamic platform that provides a space where researchers, development agencies, private sector and primary producers can come together to hone demand articulation for research and outreach processes. It should also be a platform that is able to disseminate, through a variety of media, the research findings and where it is able to engage with a wide range of stakeholders in establishing demand. Thus, an important part of this supplementary funding is to allow the project to reach out in ways that will ensure sustainability and continued vibrancy of the platform, even after the supplemental grant is depleted.

Requirements to Access the Supplementary Grant

This Call invites two RUFORUM supported CARP Projects; one at University of Eldoret (UoE) and the second at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) to provide a plan for the institutionalisation of the action platform/outreach centre including protocols for how it will function and how it will broaden participation. The plans should

a) include evidence of commitment from the university to encourage the use of the platform, such as providing a venue for meetings and dissemination to relevant departments of how they could use the platform

b) provide indications of commitment from a few key partners indicating that they have found the engagement useful and that they will continue to participate going forward, without requiring financing to attend meetings

c) describe process of putting in place a communication strategy to increase awareness of the platform, how it can be used and what it has achieved so far should be included in writeup. This should also include information on how to broaden participation in the platform.

Financing for the primary participants to attend the on-going discussions can be provided through the supplementary grant, but it is important to indicate how this participation can be continued when there are no further funds through RUFORUM CARP (e.g., it may be that there will be different communities, or else primary stakeholders further along the value chain, that are involved in future as the platform is used for other research projects by a range of different university faculty members).

Budget and Timeline for access to the grant

  1. Provide a plan for the sustainability of the action platform (outreach centre) by 30th April 2014
  2. Include a budget and indicate the exact steps that will be taken and the milestones to be achieved using a Results Framework
  3. RUFORUM will assess the plan submitted and then establish a reporting timeline and budget release by July 2014
  4. The ultimate goal is a platform for action/innovative research which is able to continue linking the university to primary producers, traders and other stakeholders as outlined above.

Proposed Structure and Content of Proposal/Plan to be submitted by 30th April 2014 Please use the following headings to present innovative ideas for phasing-out your CARP Project working towards institutionalizing an Action/Innovation Platform

  1. Cover Page (1 Page)
  2. Status and Achievements of Implementation of your CARP Project (2 Pages Maximum)
  3. Process of implementation and timelines for finalization of pending activities (1 Page maximum)
  4. Proposal (including conceptual framework and justification) for supplementary support towards establishing outreach centre (5 Pages maximum)
  5. Budget break down (2 Pages Maximum)
  6. Sustainability Plan for Outreach Centre (1 Page)

Submission Procedure

All documents will be submitted via email using the unless otherwise advised by RUFORUM prior to closure of the Call. Please feel free to consult with the RUFORUM CGS Unit for any clarification and each Principal Investigator is encouraged to contact us via email (; for further instructions on additional documents (including Theses, publications, etc) to be presented.

Call for Proposals, RUFORUM Community Action Research Program (CARP), Outreach Centres

Call ID: RU/CGS/CARP-01 Supp./April 2014


RUFORUM has supported three Community Action Research Projects in Kenya (University of Eldoret, formerly a constituent College of Moi University); Malawi (Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources formerly Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi); and, Uganda (Makerere University). These were designed as three-year projects and are drawing to completion. The projects involved each university setting up an action platform (or outreach centre) which provided opportunities for the primary producers and traders, the university and a number of related agencies to work closely together to carry out participatory research using post-graduate students. These projects were intended, among others, to provide an opportunity for each university to establish a mechanism for more effective outreach and participatory research that would address the needs of a particular community (or commodity) along the entire value chain, in association with other stakeholders. These projects served as pilots under the RUFORUM Community Action Research Program and the desire is to scale-out to the wide RUFORUM Network through packaging and disseminating outputs and process of initiating and sustaining action/innovation platforms as a vehicle for effective university-based outreach engagements with a multiplicity of stakeholders in integrated and innovative agricultural research for development.