RUFORUM ( is an association of 85 Universities in 35 African countries which envisions ‘a vibrant agricultural sector linked to African universities which produce high performing graduates and high quality research responsive to the demands of Africa’s farmers for innovations and able to generate sustainable livelihoods and national economic development’. RUFORUM also has collaborating partners in West Africa beyond its member Universities in Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal. RUFORUM is the African Union Implementing Agency for Priority Area One under the STISA2024. This mandate is provided through an operational MoU signed in 2014, Maputo in Mozambique. Through the 13 years of its operation, RUFORUM has trained over 356 PhDs and 1433 MSc graduates and reached over one million farmers and generated over 300 technologies, innovations and management practices. RUFORUM has also supported the development of several regional Masters and PhD programmes hosted at member universities to strengthen innovative training and research capacity in Africa.  


Biennial 2018 Count Down

Next Triennial 2021

The 7th African Higher Education Week
22nd - 26th November, 2021
Benin,  Porto-Novo

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