The conference will have a series of parallel sessions that will provide specialized platforms and audience for addressing broad to specific issues that help in the achievement of the conference main theme and objectives

  1.  Full Biennial Conference Programme
  2.  Detailed Biennial Program Book
  3.  Vice Chancellors Biennial Programme   
  4.  RUFORUM Board Chair Biennial Programme    
  5.  Techinical Committee Biennial Programme
  6.  Principals and Deans Biennial Programme
  7.  International Advisory Panel (IAP) Bennial Programme
  8. Parallel Technical Sessions  Biennial Programme
  9. WIPO Forum on Strengthening IP Management in African Universities [ Programme for 19-20 Oct 2018 ]   [ Programme for 23 Oct 2018 ]







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The 7th African Higher Education Week
22nd - 26th November, 2021
Benin,  Porto-Novo

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