The Thought Pieces from the 15th RUFORUM AGM

  1. Developing the metal industries for Africa’s socio-economic transformation: Towards creating opportunities through education and training by Prof. Iman El-Mahallawi [ Download ]
  2.  Investing in African Women as Drivers of Growth: Bridging the gender equality gap in Science, Technology and Innovation to fully transform Africa by Dr. Clesensio Tizikara [ Download ]
  3. Missing: Women in Science by Prof. Alice N. Pell [ Download ]
  4. Reforming the TVET Sector for Improved Productivity in Africa by Dr. Eusebius J. Mukhwana  [ Download ]
  5. Role of national universities in Africa’s socio-economic transformation: Towards greater accountability, efficiency and effectiveness by Dr. Judith Ann Francis [ Download ]
  6. RUFORUM’s Journey: Galvanizing Capacities in African Universities to support Rural Transformation in Africa by Prof. Adipala Ekwamu [ Download ]
  7. Transitioning African universities from mainly teaching to both training and knowledge production institutions by Prof. Abdu B.K. Kasozi [ Download ]
  8. Why Africa needs to stop ‘managing poverty’ but tackle it! by Dr. Egeru Anthony [ Download ]
  9. Why Entrepreneurial Education in a faculty of Agriculture? by Dr. Daniel Sherrard [ Download ]
  10. Closing Ceremony Remarks, on behalf of Development Partners by Shona Bezanson [ Download ]
  11. Balancing Gender in Higher Education. What will it take? by Dr. Florence Mayega Nakayiwa [ Download ]
  12. The unfinished Journey, Memories of the road travelled, Professor Adipala Ekwamu by  Megan Lindow [ Download ]
  13. African Agricultural Universities can do better: make research results inform policy and community practice by Assoc Prof. Duncan Ongeng [ Download ]
  14. Enhancing the relevance of universities in a changing world by Dr. Tim Chancellor, [ Download ]