Call for Posters

Venue: University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana


RUFORUM is a network of 114 Universities in 38 African countries with mission to strengthen the capacities of universities to foster innovations for strengthening agri-food systems through the training of high quality researchers, the output of impact oriented research and the maintenance of collaborative working relations among researchers, farmers, national agricultural research institutions and governments.

The RUFORUM FIFTEEN ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, will be held 2 – 6 December 2019 in Cape Coast, Ghana along the theme “Delivering on Africa’s Universities Agenda for Higher Agricultural Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (AHESTI): What will it take?”. The event will bring together over 500 participants from a wide range of delegates including Ministers of Agriculture and Education and their respective Permanent Secretaries, Vice Chancellors, Principals and Deans, partners and Heads of development institutions, private sector leaders, farmers and farmer representatives, emerging and early career researchers and young entrepreneurs from especially Ghana and other West African countries. Universities, private sector actors and young entrepreneurs shall have the opportunity to showcase their innovations, products and services, network and broker partnerships with one another. The meeting will be co-organized by RUFORUM, and all the RUFORUM Member Universities in Ghana and other partners.

As part of strengthening dissemination of research outputs and lesson sharing RUFORUM  invites interested authors (University researchers, researchers and scientists from National, regional and international Research Institutes, Higher Education stakeholders and beneficiaries of RUFORUM supported projects, including postgraduates students and their supervisors) to submit posters  (for examples and guidelines of developing poster please see below). The deadline for submission is 31st October, 2019. All participants wishing to present posters are expected to prepare, print and carry poster(s) for display during the AGM.

For additional background information about requirements for Poster display during the AGM, please visit the RUFORUM website ( or Download a full call.


Tips for designing your poster

When designing your poster think about how people read posters. You want to grab the attention of participants at a busy conference with several side-events, parallel sessions and networking events.
There are lots of ways of doing a good poster but below are some key points to consider:

1) A good poster uses illustrations to draw the reader to and communicate the topic of the poster without the reader having to spend much time reading text.
2) Think about your title - an interesting title which gets to the heart of what the poster is about and why it matters is more attractive than a technically correct title with scientific names and lots of jargon.
3) No text on the poster should be too small to read from a distance of about 1.8m (6 feet). The bigger the better (within reason).
4) Generally you may have to redraw your figures and illustrations for your poster - not just cut and paste them from a paper or thesis chapter. The rules about being able to read text from 1.8m applies even more so to the legends and axes on graphs, plates, and other illustrations.
5) The RUFORUM AGM 2019 brings together a very diverse audience and interdisciplinary participants. To effectively engage this diverse audience please consider to avoid technical jargon and acronyms.
6) Think about the conversation message of your poster. Could someone get to the end of your poster and think ‘so what?’ If so then you need to be more explicit about why this work matters and how it is aligned to the theme and sub-themes.
7) Do consider including a picture of yourself (maybe in the field) so that someone who reads your poster and wants to meet you to learn more can easily find you.
8) Don’t forget to include names of collaborators and logos of funders or your host institution.
9) Tell us how to find out more – you can include a web or email address or even a website link, and feel free to provide a sign-up sheet where people can leave their contacts (e.g., email address) if they want to hear more. If you are on Twitter consider uploading your poster to a slide share website such as and tweeting your poster with the AGM hashtag (this can attract people to your poster for a chat as well as allowing those following the AGM deliberations from afar to see your work).
10) The more creative and imaginative the better in terms of effectively attracting participants to view and internalize contents of your poster!


Poster and Poster Board Design Layout

  • Poster Board dimensions will be as follows (Height: 180cm, Width: 180cm as indicated in figure A below. Please note that one poster board is for 2 posters.
  • If proposedsize is A0 then poster dimensions will be as follows:(Height: 118.9cm, Width: 84.1cm) as indicated in figure B Below
  • Depending on the nature of the floor layout, one poster board can accommodate 4 posters if placed back to back


Submission and Review of posters

Please submit your soft copy poster for review to;, and