Rules for Judges

  1. Judges will be experienced and possess the necessary skill sets to judge the different aspects of the business plan such as innovation, marketing, technology, human resources, management and finance and, other materials submitted by the participants.
  2. Judges agree to provide voluntary judging.
  3. Judges will provide feedback to participants in the challenge throughout all stages of the competition so that improvements can be made 
  4. Each judge will determine their scores independently and will not hold discussions or share opinions with other judges to arrive at a decision.
  5. Judges agree to score participants completely and impartially based on the technical quality and presentation of the business model/business plan and the participant’s performance during the competition.
  6. Judges agree to confidentiality prior to judging the competition, and to abide by the RUYAEC Rules and Terms of Reference established and published by RUYAEC. 
  7. Mentors cannot be judges. Mentors and judges may not represent the same institution or organization. If this is unavoidable or if there is a potential conflict of interest, they should remove themselves from judging the participant to which they are assigned.
  8. RUYAEC will appoint an Evaluation Committee to organise the work of the judges during the stages of the Innovation Challenge.