The Training and Quality Assurance Program

The RUFORUM Training and Quality Assurance (TQA) Program has three objectives:

  1. Support the implementation of regional training programs that are responsive to the market demands and opportunities and provides practical changes in training programs,
  2. Enhance staff and students skills through provision of specific skill enhancement course and greater networking and collaboration through staff and students exchanges;  
  3. Strengthen and harmonizing the quality assurance of the postgraduate training programmes in the region.

The Training Unit contributes to the overall RUFORUM theory of change by facilitating the institutionalization of improved training in faculties of agriculture and related sciences with an aim of creating a critical mass of proactive and skilled graduates. RUFORUM Training Unit recognizes that one key driving force behind the change at the sector level are the high quality, relevant, graduates coming out of the agricultural postgraduate training system. As such, these highly skilled and proactive graduates become professionals working in the agriculture sector. Once there is a critical mass of professionals, the assumptions is that these will drive change within their own organizations. These organizations then train the next generation of high quality graduates, creating a virtuous circle of improvement in agricultural research and training that RUFORUM is aiming to catalyze.

Useful Training and Quality Assurance Resources

  1. A Quality Assurance Mechanism Accumulation and Transfer System: Handbook for Strengthening Postgraduate Training and Research Programs in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa
  2. TQA Briefing Note 2014 / 2015
  3. Graduate Teaching Assistantship Background Document