RUFORUM Theses and Dissertations

RUFORUM supports the studies and associated research of regional Msc and Phd students in a number of programs.  At the Msc level, these are plant breeding and seed systems, agricultural information and communication management, and research methods.  At the PhD level, these are agriculture and resource economics, aquaculture and fisheries science, dryland resource management, plant breeding and biotechnology, soil and water management, and strengthening agricultural and rural innovation systems.  This collection contains the theses and dissertations completed by postgraduate students in these programs.  Because students are allowed to embargo their work for up to two years, not every resource contains links to full text. 

Interactive effect of Water temperature, nitrate fertilizers and sewage effluent on development, growth and survival of embryos and early life stages of African Catfish Clarias Gariepinus ((BURCHELL 1822)

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