Report of the Principals and Deans’ Meeting

RUFORUM’s capacity building efforts stem from the significance of agriculture to the continent and a commitment to support postgraduate level training and research among its member universities as enshrined in the RUFORUM Vision and Mission. A strategic entry point to catalyze the process of graduate training and research is the proactive engagement of Principals and Deans responsible for agriculture at respective RUFORUM member universities. The Principals and Deans Committee is an organ of the RUFORUM Governance Structure comprising of Principals and Deans of Colleges / Faculties of Agriculture and related sciences participating in RUFORUM’s activities. Its functions are to: (a) Review of issues from the National Forums and Regional Thematic Groups and providing feedback to the Secretariat and Technical Committee; and (b) provide advice to the RUFORUM Secretariat on activity progress and issues emerging at individual university and country levels. The Deans and Principals’ Meeting under the framework of RUFORUM was held on 19th September 2013 at Nobleza Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda. This meeting was attended by delegates from 17 countries (Annex 1 and 3).
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