Sylvanus Mensah

Job Title: 
Technical Specialist in University Training and Vocational Education

Dr. Sylvanus Mensah (Beninese) serves as Specialist in University Training and Vocational Education at RUFORUM.

  • He is an agronomist by training. He obtained his PhD from Stellenbosch University.
  • He has 10 years of experiences at both national and international levels in administrative work, education and research. Over the last five years, he has contributed to strengthen linkages between universities, national research organizations and other stakeholders with emphasis on students, rural communities and smallholder farmers.
  • He is involved in several tasks (meeting coordination, presenting project results at high-level panels, supporting universities and research institutions in developing capacity-building projects). Specific other tasks also include overseeing recruitment and placement of students, facilitating collaborative initiatives between universities, partner institutions and networks, capacity building and skill enhancement for students and disadvantaged groups.