About Strengthening Higher Agricultural Education in Africa (SHAEA)

A regional initiative established to Strengthen Higher Agricultural Education in Africa and endorsed by academia and government leaders from across Africa during the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Spring Meetings Roundtable Event in April 2017.

The mission is to “Enhance competitiveness of African universities to produce skilled and entrepreneurial agricultural graduates who drive innovative agricultural sector leading to structural transformation of African economiesand is aligned to Pillar 1 of the World Bank’s Africa Strategy: to strengthen competitiveness and employment.

Project Development Objective
To strengthen linkages between selected African universities and regional agricultural sector needs for developing required human resources to accelerate agri-food system transformation in Africa

Regional mobility will be key for this initiative in order to increase access to quality postgraduate training programs and enhance staff capacity development. The proposed mobility framework aims to:

  • Enhance staff capacity development and increase the proportion of academic staff and researchers with MSc & PhD qualifications in Agricultural sciences
  • Encourage greater interaction and collaboration among African higher education institutions for quality teaching and research that will, among others, attract African students and others to undertake postgraduate studies in the African continent and context
  • Build capacity of weaker institutions through partnerships with stronger academic institutions
  • Provide opportunities for Masters and doctoral research that will contribute more directly to national and regional development priorities
  • Enable students, academics and staff to benefit linguistically, culturally and professionally from the experience gained in the context of mobility to another African country
  • Promote regional integration not only in teaching and research but also in other sectors

The Project Components 

1.Strengthening Regional Anchor Universities (RAUs) in Regional Key Gap Areas with specialization(s)
2.Capacity-building Support to RAUs through Regional Interventions
3.Project Facilitation, Coordination and Management