SHAEA Project Vision

The Strengthening Higher Agricultural Education in Africa (SHAEA) Project vision is “an agricultural sector in Africa with the skills and knowledge needed for inclusive sustainable growth in support of African Agenda 2063”.

The Project’s Development Objective is to “strengthen linkages between selected African universities and regional agricultural sector needs for developing required human resources to accelerate agri-food systems transformation in Africa”. The Project will work towards development of competent and relevant human resources (especially the highly-skilled) that are required to  accelerate agri-food systems transformation in Africa through strengthening of

  1. agri-food  related education and training enhanced with transdisciplinary approaches and applied  research at selected African regional anchor universities;
  2. university linkages to the regional  agricultural sector – its priorities, needs and stakeholders; and
  3. university partnerships with  public and private entities related to agri-food both within and outside the region.