Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has recognised the enormous potential agribusiness and entrepreneurship have in translating the over 10 million young Africans entering the labour market annually and a rapidly burgeoning youthful population in the region into useful and productive assets for national and regional development. The SSA has further recognised that youth participation in agriculture, agri-business and entrepreneurship can be strengthened through innovative skills development and financial inclusion; such interventions will help Africa’s youth that are better educated translate their skills into business innovations and initiate profitable ventures. With SSA being a youthful region in the continent, the region is certainly a land of investment, innovation and entrepreneurship. The accelerating growth in the private sector in Africa is a testament to the potential of the region to attract investment. However, this growth needs to be sustained and made more inclusive. Agriculture and agribusiness coupled with entrepreneurship provides one of the vital levers that can move thousands of people out of poverty in Africa. Agribusiness and entrepreneurship are particularly critical re-entry points for youth participation in agriculture as it provides the ‘cool agriculture’ and financial returns that are meaningful.  Agribusiness and entrepreneurship are part of the sustainable options to absorbing 830 million African youth expected by 2050.