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Tafaol Elsadig Ali (Sudan), She was born in Gedarif State, (Eastern Sudan), She was graduated with B.Sc. (Second class, Division One) in the Department of Agricultural Economics,
Sudan University of Science and Technology in 2016. She her gratitude project in the (The Role of microfinance in Enhancing Income of Productive Family in Gedaref state). She trained in the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics, Gedarif State, And trained in the production and fattening of calves in Gedarif State. She worked at the Agricultural Machinery sales Company and worked as a volunteer in the Environmental Organization (Gedaref state). She is currently, pursuing a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics at the University of Gezira (Sudan) under the RUFORUM /2018/CARP+/07A project proposal titled (Empowerment of Women and Youth: Enhancing productivity of Livestock and vegetable Value Chains in rain fed area, Gezira state). Tafaol aspires to be leader in Economic Modeling and Microfinance

Samah Altayep (Sudan) was born in 1996 and grew up in Kassala State (East Sudan). Samah was enrolled in Bachelor of Science and Education, Family Sciences (Nutrition and Dietetics). Where she graduated with first class honors in 2017. She attended training course on Clinical Nutrition Enteral and Parenteral.
Nutrition and training course on Community Nutrition. She is currently a second year, RUFORUM CARP+ project Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Masters in Nutrition science in Assessment Nutritional at Faculty of Environmental Science (Specialty Safety Food and Nutrition) at University of Gezira.
Samah is highly interested by the education and awareness nutritional of women rural because to improve Nutritional status of under five years children. Her dream is to teach food science in Khartoum Universities and also to work in Humanitarian Organization or United Nations organization to reduce under nutrition and unawareness nutrition and food unsafety in Africa especially in Sudan.


Esraa Ahmed (Sudan) was born in 1992, was graduated from Faculty of Animal production University of Khartoum, in November 2014 with Second Class Division 1. She has complete training program at DIU (Dam Implementation Unit) in Animal production during period in 2016. She is currently, pursuing a Master in goat milk Production and Processing, Goat Research Center, University of Gezira under the RUFORUM  2018/CARP+/07A project. Her dream to become a leader in Processing and marketing of goat Milk in Sudan. She hope to contribute to the development of her country by creating jobs especially for rural women


Osman Musa is a Sudanese who graduated from Kordofan University with a second class upper bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Food Sciences 2015. He is currently a first year, RUFORUM CARP+ project Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Masters in Biochemistry and Food Sciences in Alsalam University with a major focus in Microbial Investigation and Adulteration Tests for Honey bees.



Mrs. Asma Hamad is a citizen of The Republic of Sudan, who graduated in The Department of Plant Protection Sciences, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Kordofan, El Obeid P. O. Box 160 Sudan, with 1st class (Hons.) Bachelor’s Degree, in the field of Plant Protection, since 2008. Asma is working with Ministry of Agricultural and Economic Resources, North Kordofan State, El Obeid, during 2016 up to date. Currently she is associated with University of Kordofan, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Department of Plant Protection Sciences as a Part-Time Teaching Assistant in conducting many practical’s session. Also, her profile includes managing filed apiaries, handling honeybee colonies for research, honey production and practical activates the honeybee pests and diseases, statistical analysis of the data collected from various regions. Asma is PG Student a second years pursuing a Master Degree in The Department of Crop Sciences, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Peace University under RUFORUM (MINI-Carp) Project Strengthening Beekeeping Value Chain West Kordofan, Sudan 2018 – 2021.
Overall, Asma is highly intelligent and she has a good analytical skill and excellent communication skill. She is hard worker, very active, self-motivated and demonstrated great perseverance and initiative. Not only was she interested in motivated to learn, but she also put great work into assimilating in to her own experience and developing her own ideas about each ethical topic that we discussed. Definitely she is the best and wonderful candidate for any training progamme and she definitely be a value asset to any institution/ organization if she has given the wonderful opportunity which offers her a chance to success in her future endeavors.


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