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RUFORUM Community Action Research Programme

RUFORUM in partnership with mastercard foundation is implementing a programme known as “Transforming African Agricultural Universities to meaningfully contribute to Africa’s growth and development (TAGDev)”. The TAGDev Programme seeks to transform African agricultural universities and their graduates to better respond to developmental challenges through enhanced application of science, technology, business and innovation for rural agricultural transformation. Under TAGDev, there is a specific focus on community action research designed to allow African universities develop and capitalise more comprehensive and sustainable participatory action research and establish platforms for engagement with all the stakeholders including the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.  The Programme is known as the Community Action Research Programme PLUS (CARP+). Each community action research project involve training graduates (PhD. and MSc.) and undergraduates in particular countries or geographic areas,  a selected commodities, and nest its research along the full commodity value chain. Read more about our graduate students and what they are studying.

CARP+ Students Profiles

Mai Abdalla is a Sudanese who graduated from kordofan university with second class upper bachelor’s degree in plant protection 2012.Mai worked part timer Teaching assistant, plant protection lab.unversity of kordofan in2014 .then she employed in the Ministry of agriculture as plant protection in plant protection spector in2017.currently in the second year RUFORum project scholarship beneficial, pursuing a Masters in strengthening Beekeeping value chain in west kordofan of Peace university with a major focus plant protection

Hana Adam is a Sudanese who graduated from Omdurman Islamic University with a very good honor bachelor’s degree in food sciences and technology 2012. She is currently a second year, RUFORUM CARP+ project Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Master’s degree in Strengthening Beekeeping Value Chain in Peace University with a major focus in physico-chemical properties of bee honey.

Hana is working with Technology Transfer and Extension Department (TTED) – Ministry of Agriculture – N.Kordofan State (Sudan) as an agricultural extension officer, since 2013.During this period, she joined many developmental projects dealt with transfer of technology among rural producers to improve/increase their products and income, through added value (e.g. some IFAD funded projects). She gained astrong experience in this field and believes that this will get her to create a change in the way farmers think about some sustainable agricultural interventions starting from the outcomes of her own personal research and this will indeed be the best opportunity for her to build her career as an extensionist.

Amani Al-Tayyeb Al-Awad, a Sudanese national, graduated from the University of Gezira. She obtained a higher bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Resources in 2004 and works as an agricultural engineer in the General Administration of Agriculture and Livestock and is currently in the second year of the RUFORM CARD grant and continues to obtain a master’s degree in crop science from Al Salam University (Sudan) with a major focus on the impact of bees on Production of orange trees.
Amani worked as a supervisor for the extension program in the IFAD project (Sudan), and worked on projects of the Zakat Diwan in the production of maize crop in the agricultural survey program in the state of South Kordofan and the state of North Kordofan (Sudan) and worked as a decision in the Department of Rainfed Agriculture. Her vision is that development is important to her as an agricultural engineer and helps provide solutions to many problems, aided by her long experience in the agricultural field.

Ahmed Siddig Abdallataef Ebead is a Sudanese who graduated from University OF Gezira with a first class upper bachelor’s degree in Crop protection 2014. He is currently a second year, RUFORUM CARP+ project Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing a Masters in Crops protection of Peace University with a major focus in Crop protection. Ahmed has worked with Peace University - Elfula (Sudan), between December 2018 – 2020 as a volunteer in crops protection. His agricultural background is his strongest pillar in this regard and he believes it will comfortably get him to create a change in the way farmers think about some sustainable agricultural interventions starting from the outcomes of his own personal research and this will indeed be the best opportunity long awaited for him to build his career as a scientist

Marius Affonfere was born in January 1993 and raised in Savalou district (Republic of Benin). In 2011, He obtained his Entry Level degree and he was granted a national scholarship to attend his Bachelor (BSc) training at the School of Sciences and Techniques for Preservation and Processing of Agricultural Products, National University of Agriculture (ESTCTPA/UNA) in Benin and graduated in March 2015. 

After his bachelor degree, he was highly interested to pursue his carrier in Food Sciences, which brings him to become a junior research assistant in the Laboratory of Food Sciences/Faculty of Agronomy Sciences (FSA) in the University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC/Benin). With that respect, he has worked on different food science related projects. In December 2015, he was delighted to be granted a RUFORUM scholarship to pursue his Master (MSc) studies under the Graduate Research Grant (RU 2015 GRG 125) entitled “food to food fortification with baobab fruit pulp and morning leaf powder as a pathway to improve food and nutrition security of women and children in Benin”. In January 2018, he obtained his Master degree in Agricultural, Food Science and Technologies at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences (FSA)/University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC). In February 2018, he was awarded a six months RUFORUM Community-Based Field Attachment Program Award (CFAPA) to scale-out and disseminate his MSc thesis research findings. His CFAPA topic is entitled “Promotion of the consumption of sorghum porridge dual fortified with moringa leaf powder and baobab fruit pulp among under-five-years old children in rural Benin”. Based on the recommendation arising from his CFAPA implementation, he was strongly motivated to pursue a PhD thesis on the potential use of baobab fruit pulp to alleviate micronutrient deficiencies among local population in Benin. His PhD thesis entitled «Utilization of baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) and other local resources to alleviate micronutrients deficiencies among under five years old children in Benin» is carrying out under BAOCHAIN project.

Mechak Ahotondji Gbaguidi (Beninese) was born in 1991, and grew up in the commune of Abomey-Calavi (Benin) where he studied. Mechak got a Bachelor degree in Nutrition, Technology and Food Sciences at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Abomey-Calavi. He obtained a Master of Science degree in food sciences with honors at the School of Nutrition, Technology and Food sciences of the same university. He is currently a RUFORUM MasterCard Foundation Scholarship beneficiary, pursuing PhD studies in Food Sciences at University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin). Mechak processed many fruits in beverages and has a dream to become a leader in Baobab processing sector on local and regional markets, and therefore contribute to poverty alleviation and to jobs creation



Ndenatjike Kauzera is a Namibian, who graduated from the university of Namibia (UNAM) for a higher diploma in agriculture (2017). Current enrolled in his final year of study at UNAM for a degree in Animal Science (Honours) and is a BSc beneficiary for the RUFORUM scholarships to evaluate the effect of treatment with wood ash, biochar and PEG on the nutritive value of bush feed with special focus on tannin contents, feed intake and digestibility at University of Namibia. Ndenatjike has been part of the bush to feed program (2019), working with Ms de La Puerta Fernandez. He has furthermore taken part in the feedlot challenge(2019). He has a passion for agriculture and a drive for knowledge that will be his greatest asset in his research and academic career

Portia Murorua is a Namibian student  set to be part of the graduating class of 2019 for a bachelors degree in Animal Science honors at the University of Namibia(UNAM). She is currently first year RUFORM project beneficiary in pursuit of a masters degree in Animal Nutrition focusing fodder preservation and on the  Evaluation on the effects if three different preservation methods on the nutritive value of bush feed. Portia has worked on the unam bush to feed project (2019). Played a major role at the UNAM show grounds expo(2019), where she was able to be in contact with farmers at information days and educate farmers on the viability of bush as livestock fodder. Her perseverance and her  commitment to be a change in her field is her best asset in her academic career


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