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Amani Al-Tayyeb Al-Awad,

Amani Al-Tayyeb Al-Awad, a Sudanese national, graduated from the University of Gezira. She obtained a higher bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Resources in 2004 and works as an agricultural engineer in the General Administration of Agriculture and Livestock and is currently in the second year of the RUFORM CARD grant and continues to obtain a master’s degree in crop science from Al Salam University (Sudan) with a major focus on the impact of bees on Production of orange trees.
Amani worked as a supervisor for the extension program in the IFAD project (Sudan), and worked on projects of the Zakat Diwan in the production of maize crop in the agricultural survey program in the state of South Kordofan and the state of North Kordofan (Sudan) and worked as a decision in the Department of Rainfed Agriculture. Her vision is that development is important to her as an agricultural engineer and helps provide solutions to many problems, aided by her long experience in the agricultural field.

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