Parallel & Side Events

RUFORUM invites interested institutions/organisations and individuals to convene side events relevant to higher education in Africa at the Fifth RUFORUM Biennial Conference. The side events should be relevant to the overall theme of the Conference and address specifically at least one of the sub- themes of the Fifth RUFORUM Biennial Conference, and its outcomes should provide contribution towards the overall Conference Objectives.  The RUFORUM Biennial Conference sub themes are:

  1. Innovation for sustainable systems within value chains that improve smallholder incomes
  2. Public private partnerships: a driver for enhancing market pathways, product uptake and for strengthening relevance of higher education
  3. Building capacity for university research, outreach and community engagement: Integrating universities into national agricultural innovation systems
  4. Academic mobility, quality assurance and credit transfer across the continent: the game changers

 A side event is a meeting, exhibition or other event that is organized as a parallel event at the RUFORUM Biennial Conference within agreed time period/ slots. The available time periods are either during the Conference at specific time periods, or pre and/or post conference.

Side event Funding arrangements
The side event conveners/ organisers will pay all costs related to the holding of the side event including participants, venue/meeting facilities, projector hire, teas/water and registration fees, 

Please submit the concept note to Mrs.Sylvia Mkandawire - with copy to 
All submissions will be responded to.

List of confirmed side events

  1. Building Africa’s Human Capital for Accelerated Rural Development; A meeting of Ministers and Universities to discuss High Agricultural Education in Africa
  2. Placing Youth at the Centre of Business Innovation and Enterprise Development in Africa
  3. Training African Scholars to Improve Research for  Development Communication using Social Media Platforms
  4. South African Agriculture and Life Sciences Deans Association (SAALSDA) Meeting
  5. The twelfth RUFORUM Annual General Meeting
  6. The thirteenth RUFORUM Principals and Deans Meeting
  7. The fifteenth RUFORUM Board Meeting
  8. Promoting Gender Equality in African Universities to Increase Participation and Voice of Women in Higher Education, Research and Development
  9. Strengthening African University Leadership and Management Capacity for Economic Transformation in Africa; A convening of RUFORUM Vice Chancellors
  10. Linking Private Sector with African Universities in Agribusiness Innovations .Plenary on Agribusiness, Innovation, and Engaging Universities with Private Sector
  11. Academic visit by RUFORUM graduate students to the Faculty of AgriSciences, Stellenbosch University to promote scholarly interaction and research orientation
  12. FoodAfrica II WP7 Training sessions on Linking research to Business
  13. Closing Ceremony of the 5th Africa Higher Education Week
  14. Transformative Curriculun Development and Leadship in Higher Agricultural Education in Africa, A refresher workshop for RUFORUM Principals and Deans
  15. Launch of developed MSc programmes, training of managers and students, ADECEA-EDULINK II project
  16. FARMNET Stakeholder Workshop -- A facilitated dialogue to inform the development of enhance forms of smallholder market networks structures
  17. Building a High Quality Higher Education System in Africa: What Game  Changers?
  18. Seventh Principal Investigators Orientation Meeting (7th PIOM) 
  19. Training the Next Generation of Scientists Lessons and Experience from the Carnegie supported Project
  20. Building Africa's Human Capital for Accelerated Rural Development, A meeting of Partners to discuss Higher Agricultural Education in Africa convened during the RUFORUM Biennial and Fifth African Higher Education Week.
  21. Integrated Natural Resources Management Agriculture, Food Security Joint production on line MSc courses in cooperation between African and European Universities
  22. Strengthening Research and Scholarly Capacity of RUFORUM Graduate Fellows
  23. Collaborative Research and Capacity Building of Sokoine University of Agriculture and the Natonal Agriculture Research System in Tanzania: Lessons Sharing on Implementation
  24. Positive Youth Development and Experiential Learning in University Outreach
  25. Ruforum International Advisory Panel (IAP) Meeting
  26. Joint Meta- Learning on Higher Agricultural Education to Enhance Relevence and Quality of Postgraduate Training in Africa
  27. Building Africa's Human Capital for Accelerated Rural Development. A meeting of (the "Mothers") Leaders of RUFORUM to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the network in the next decade
  28. Processes and Practices for Multi-stakeholder Partnerships in Agricultural Research and Development (PAEPARD)
  29. Engaging Universities in Farmer-Led Research (PAEPARD)
  30. Building the Next Generation of Scientists for Africa to Deliver to the Sustainable Development Goals
  31. NEPAD SANBio Parallel Session: Innovating Sustainable Partnerships in Nutrition
  32. Strengthening High Education Partnerships towards a Food and Nutrition Secure Africa
  33. Strengthening University Engagement for Community Transformation and impact Plenary Session at the Fifth African Higher Education Week and RUFORUM Biennial Conference
  34. Harnessing Regional Networks' Capacity to mobile Resources for Agricultural Training and Research through Responding to Calls for Proposals: A joint Strategy for RUFORUM and AGRINATURA
  35. Global Leadership and Transformative Changes to Meet the Challenges of the 21st C in Partnership wth the Global Forum on Agicultural Research (GFAR)
  36. Strengthening Doctoral Training in RUFORUM Universities through DAAD
  37. Innovating Partnership: Applying frameworks and models in the real world
  38. Postharvest Management: Innovation for sustainable systems within value chains that improve smallhodler incomes
  39. Collaboration in the Area of Soil Science
  40. Agenda for the 9th RUFORUM Technical Committee Meeting.
  41. Strengthening the Engagement of RUFORUM Alumni to support Post-Graduate Training in Africa, Launch of the RUFORUM Alumni Network
  42. Reflections and Dialogue on Uganda's Higher Education System, A meeting between Uganda Vice Chancellors ad the Minister of Higher Education, Uganda
  43. Grow Further Club Engagement meetings at RUFORUM 2016 Biennial
  44. Reviewing and Documenting Status and Trends in Agricultural Higher Education in Africa
  45. Integrating Video Mediated Learning in Higher Education in Africa
  46. Meeting of African Technical Experts to identify key issues for dialogue by African Ministers on Strengthening Higher Education in Africa
  47. Transforming African Agricultural Universities to meaningfully contribute to African's growth and development (TAGDEv)


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