Regional Training Programs

About Regional Training Programs and Skills Enhancement Courses

The Regional Training Programs

The RUFORUM member universities are implementing a combination of regional MSc and PhD programs. RUFORUM commissioned a study in 2004 that identified the critical areas that needed capacity building for the region. The study recommended RUFORUM training niche areas represented by these regional MSc and PhD programs. In 2008, RUFORUM launched this innovative regional approach of building the capacities of its member universities. A RUFORUM center of excellence was identified to host a program based on its competitive advantages. Staff from the region and internationally are recruited to teach on these programs. Students are also recruited across the region. The regional training programs address the following needs:

  • Build the teaching and research capacity of member universities and the wider National Agricultural Research and Extension Systems,
  • Enhance capacity for training and research that targets improving food and nutrition security, and access to knowledge; and
  • Build capacity in emerging areas of “challenge” in the agricultural development landscape, so that Africa does not lag behind the rest of the world.

Through this regional approach seven coursework-based regional PhD and five course work-based regional MSc programs were launched: [Link to each Program Booklet for each RTP (with updates

  1. MSc Research Methods (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology)
  2. MSc Agricultural Information and Communication Management (Egerton University, Haramaya University, University of Nairobi and Makerere University)
  3. MSc Plant Breeding and Seed Systems (Makerere University and University of Zambia)
  4. MSc Monitoring and Evaluation ( Uganda Martyrs University)
  5. MSc Agrometerology and Natural Risk Management (Haramaya University)
  6. PhD Dryland Resource Management Programme (University of Nairobi),
  7. PhD Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Programmes (Makerere University
  8. PhD Agricultural Resource Economics (Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources)
  9. PhD Aquaculture and Fisheries Science (Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources)
  10. PhD Soil and Water Management (Sokoine University of Agriculture)
  11. PhD Food Science and Nutrition (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology)
  12. PhD Agricultural Rural Innovations (Makerere University, Sokoine University of Agriculture and Egerton University)

Click here to download the brief on RUFORUM Regional Programs.

Skills Enhancement Training

Skill enhancement trainings have been designed to fill gaps existing in the academic growth curve of both students and staff at the RUFORUM member universities. These training courses are conducted for both staff and students. A recent RUFORUM study (2014) indicates that the short skills enhancement trainings are contributing greatly to the performance of the alumni in their day to day work. The TQA Unit supports the delivery of skills enhancement courses in the following areas:

  1. Scientific Data Management and Analysis (SDM/A)
  2. Proposal Writing and Scientific/Technical Writing
  3. Leadership and Personal Mastery
  4. Value Chains
  5. Food Systems & Nutrition
  6. Journal Publications and Proposal Writing