Where can i sell my photography where can i sell my graphic designs where can i sell my body where can i sell my old mobile

where can i sell my photography

where can i sell my graphic designs

I’m sure that you’ve heard the expression “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” What many people don’t realize is that your pictures could be worth ,000.

where can i sell my body

where can i sell my old mobile

Our customers are increasingly requesting both hd and 4k video content, including location-based, driving shots, green screen and more.Shutterstock is a global marketplace for artists and creators to sell royalty-free images, footage, vectors and illustrations.Signing up is fast. contributing is fun. and turning your creativity into cash, well, it just makes sense.Our customers are always searching for local, authentic images that include cityscapes, families, landmarks and more.

where can i sell my blood

Check with small retail stores in your area, especially those frequented by tourist and/or business folks. i found one not to far from where i work inside an office/retail complex...have sold over 100 pieces (both matted & framed) in a year & a half...i pay a comission, but i get folks looking at my work who are ready (and more importantly able) to buy. and if you want your images to sell, then they need to be of the type that folks know they are not going to be able to replicate easily. have heard more then once at the art fairs "but its only a photograph" seems everyone has a camera and thinks they can get the same shot....it's the different perspective & "eye" that seperates the typical touristy shot, from the one folks are willing to shell out their hard earned money for.3- print 4 or 5 of your best images in a large format, matte and frame them. you can also order good quality canvas prints so you don’t have to worry about framing. visit your local coffee shops and restaurants and ask if they would display your work for a few weeks (keep it under a month, no one will notice it after two or three weeks anyway). most coffee shops welcome the free wall decoration and will not ask for a commission. if they do, figure it out in your price. you can also offer them a print of their choice to keep as a thank you. make sure you leave plenty of business cards near your work so people can contact you if they are not ready to buy on the spot.7- have your own show at your house! team up with two or three other artists (jewelry artists, painters, etc) for an evening. share the cost of the beverages and snacks, combine your contact lists and have your own art show. make sure to have a lot of ‘cash and carry’ items to sell, display some of your large prints as well. those shows are great because the competition is minimal and people are here to shop and have a good time. your guests will enjoy visiting with the artists and meet new friends. you can potentially make hundreds of dollars in a short period of time while having fun!Some really great ideas here! ive been selling on etsy and ebay. obviously id love to sell more, but im hoping this coming year i get my photography out there more and get more sales. there are alot of options online to get your work noticed (facebook, heartsy, etc.). i believe that once other local people see how you are with the camera they too will want photography done. i have a few people wanting a session next month. i have only done a few sessions (mainly family members) so im looking forward to photographing other people. im def going to check out the fine art america gallery.

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Here are our Top 10 sites to sell your photos online and turn your creativity into cash.

We’ve put together a basic guide for selling photos online, from where to post your photography, to how to make sure your work gets noticed.

Photography is a hard business to break into, especially the upper brackets. But the internet does make it possible to earn a few dollars off of your photo

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iStock is fun and easy to use. Apply today to contribute and sell your royalty-free stock photos, vector art, Flash or video footage on iStock.

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