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#13 – sell something on your blog or website – do you have a blog or website that gets a healthy amount of traffic? if you do, you could quickly create some type of digital product (a short e-book or printable that fits with the niche of your blog), and set up a shopping cart to accept payments immediately for any sales you get. price it competitively to help guarantee sales, and make sure you advertise it — put the link above the fold on your site, share it on social media, and if you have newsletter, let your subscribers know about it.#8 – get a loan – visit a bank or loan office and see if you qualify for a short-term loan. your chances of getting approved will depend on your credit and whether or not you have any collateral. some lenders may be willing to work with you even if your credit is bad if you can get a co-signer with good credit, and some lenders are more lenient than others overall when it comes to your credit. peer-to-peer lending is another option to consider if you’re interested in getting a loan.#9 – pawn shops – if your credit is simply not good enough for you to get a “normal” loan and you don’t have a co-signer to help you out, a pawn shop could be an option. pawn shops will give you cash right away for your valuables (jewelry, firearms, electronics, etc.), and they don’t bother to check credit. you’ll have to pay back what you were given plus some pretty excessive interest. if you don’t pay it back, you’ve lost your item forever.#3 – facebook groups – i think we have all seen the facebook local “yard sale” groups where people post used clothes, electronics, exercise equipment, vehicles, and all kinds of other things to sell. join a group like this if you’re not already in it and post something you know others might want. if it’s an attractive item accompanied by a good picture with an equally attractive price, there’s a great chance you’ll get a local buyer the same day you post your pics.