How to open a payza account how to create a payza account how to open a payza account how to open payza account

open a payza account

how to create a payza account

Note: many features on the payza web site require javascript and cookies. you can enable both through your browser's preference settings.Please accept our sincerest apologies. as soon as we are able to operate in your state, we will email you.Unfortunately, residents from your state cannot currently sign up for a payza account.Federation of saint kitts and nevis.

how to open a payza account

how to open payza account

The Payza online payment platform lets you send and receive money, shop, make online payments or get paid from almost anywhere in the world.

Payza is a simple and secure way to manage online payments without revealing personal and financial information.

In choose s salutation choose your salutation.first name choose your first namein last name choose your last namein address 1 chooses your address. in address 2 write your address if you have also another address.type your city region type your region. means if you belong from india and have varanasi city than your region will be uttar postal code type your postal code. if you from varanasi than your postal code will be citizenship choose your citizenship if you belong from india than choose indiatype your phone numberin job category choose your job date of birth type your date of birth. remember one think type your date of birth according to your document which will you use to verify your payza account. it is important to verify your account to transfer your earning money into your local other select one of them and click next step. now you have another page like this….Payza platform is alloy for online payment you can send and receive money through your payza account using only an email id. it is available for 190 country including india and support 21 different currency. it is totally free to open an account. it have 4 google page rank and have 3284 alexa rank. regional office of payza in india is mumbai and dhaka. it has 9 million active members.payza hide your bank and personal information to merchant site means no one can see your account details you need only verify payza account to send and receive money. it has very secure environment so no one can cheat you. anyone can join payza. you can use credit card or if you from indian than use icici and idbi debit card it 100% work with payza. it has 24 hour chat option available for his member you need to log into your account and click chat option and you can directly contact with him.In email address type your email address. in password choose your password to log into your payza account. in trisection pin type transaction pin number. it is use for transaction of money and retypes into retype transaction pin option. in security question choose your security question and type answer. it is for your security in case you forgot you password. type captcha as shown and click user agreement than click for final stage.  now you got congratulation! your account is almost ready to go! ...You can directly talk to payza customer care member with live chat. it is the best part of payza, they will ask you some security question about your account just told them and start taking to him and solve your start live chat to payza customer care?log in to your payza account. scroll down and go to end of the page and click on support.

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How to Open a Payza Account (Alertpay) ( What is Payza? Payza (formerly ALERTPAY) is an electronic p...

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To get the most out of your Payza account there are a few things you'll want to do. While it's definitely important to verify your account,

And/or receive up to ,000.00 usd at a time. you will also be able.- add up to ,000 usd/cad, eur9,999.99 eur, 69,999.99 nok or.The fee to add funds will depend on the type of option you select as.In order to reduce the chance of fraud and to stay on top of updates,