Best things to sell on ebay to make a profit best things to make profit on ebay things to sell on ebay to make profit best things to make a profit on ebay

best things to sell on ebay to make a profit

best things to make profit on ebay

The best thing to do is research the sale history of items you might be interested in selling. the market is truly one of supply and demadnd and it fluctuates. predictions for many items are really nothing more than guesses – sometimes good but sometimes bad. i’ve had items that in the past has literally flown out the door – i couldn’t get them fast enough. a couple of those items now are worth less than 1/10th of what i was selling them for less than 2 years ago. you also have to realize that many of the outlets that used to be good sources for resale (ebay/amazon) items are now selling online themselves and are no longer offering prices low enough that someone else can afford to buy from the for resale. if you items are truly collectible (or unique) you should be able to market them at a nice profit. however, if they were mass produced (example: collectible plates) then unless you have something really really rare you won’t get back what you originally paid if you bought retail. if you have really valuable items then you might want to look at an auction house rather than online sales – an auction house offers many advantages over online sales for better quality collectibles.I’ve been on ebay since 1998 and a selling coach for a local non-profit, the first thing i tell potential sellers is “know what you sell and sell what you know”. you’d be amazed at the number of people who don’t know their merchandise well enough to provide a fair and accurate description and then they are angry when they get complaints, returns and negative feedback. also, before you attempt to sell an item have some idea of what will be involved (materials, cost and proper packing) with shipping your item and set your price accordingly. i know there are many who disagree but i don’t advise ever listing an item for less than the absolute lowest price you are willing to accept should you only receive a single bid. ebay has drastically changed the collectible marketplace – many items that once were in great demand and commanding good prices are now frequently (due to ebay and amazon) readily available and in great supply and their resale value has dropped. as others have stated, it is wise to do some research before starting to sell, keep notes, track similar items and sellers offering them, and don’t be afraid to use the ebay seller forum if you have questions or just want information.This is 100% my gripe with ebay. i sold an old working sega cd with about 40 games for roughly 0. provided the tracking, shipped quickly, and left positive feedback. about a month later, i get a dispute email from ebay, saying that the buyer reported that it was not working, and that it had been sitting on their back porch for two weeks while they were away on vacation. how was that my problem? i told them to send everything back, and i will refund the money. they wanted to keep the games, send me the system back, and get a full refund. after two months, i finally got my money. ebay sides with the buyer far too often, so i only sell a few things when free listings are promoted….I’ve sold on ebay since 1996 and i’m a power seller and top rated seller with 100% positive feedback rating. yes, there are fees, politics, and all kinds of issues that can get you down if you let them, but i’ve made so much money on ebay that it’s been worth everything. there is no way i could get the kind of money for items at a garage sale that i get for them on ebay. it’s saved me from having to get a part-time job when my business slowed due to the recession. at least it pays the bills. but the bottom line is to do your homework. take good pics, provide a complete and honest description, set a reasonable price, and ship quickly.

things to sell on ebay to make profit

best things to make a profit on ebay

I get a lot of emails each week asking me what the best things are to buy and sell on Craigslist. Where’s the money at? Show me the money! I email some tip

best things to make and sell on ebay

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