CGS Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of the frequently asked questions. You can also refer to the Grants Manual for more information and guidance.


Qn:      Who is eligible to receive a RUFORUM grant?
Ans:    Faulty staff from the RUFORUM member universities – with a PhD and working in a Faculty / College / School of Agriculture or related Sciences.


Qn:      Why are Masters Degree holders not eligible for RUFORUM grants?
Ans:    It is now a basic requirement in most universities in the region that for one to supervise M.Sc. or for that matter PhD candidates, he/she must hold a PhD.  However, Masters degree holders can be partners in a project where the Principal Investigator is a PhD holder.


Qn:      When are proposals due?
Ans:    Proposals are received as and when a call is issued. Usually calls are issued twice per year: February-March and August-September, depending on availability of funding.  However, special grant announcements may have specific deadlines. Please periodically check the RUFORUM Website.


Qn:      What are the basic requirements for a RUFORUM grant?
Ans:    The requirements vary depending on what grant type you are applying for. Grant types include Institutional Strengthening Grants, Graduate Research Grants,   Community Action Research Projects, Field Attachment Awards and Doctoral Research Grants. Please download the Grants Manual for the requirements for the various types of RUFORUM Grants.