The Overall Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Potential for Agri-food system impact
  2. Capacity and willingness to respond to sector actors needs
  3. Ability to find and engage strategic partners
  4. Ability to carry through institutional changes that enhance the universities performance, effectivity and efficiency
  5. Ability to design and execute high quality transdisciplinary post graduate programs within at least 3 of the 6 key knowledge gap areas while integrating the CARP++ model
  6. Overall quality of proposal

Evaluation of institutional proposals
Round 1: Technical review by a independent evaluation committee consisting of well renown academic experts as well as competent private sector representatives :

  • Internationally recognized and respected committee members
  • Evaluators without conflict of interest
  • Academic evaluators with expertise to evaluate transdisciplinary programs and outreach in the key knowledge gap areas and private sector evaluator with Agri-food sector expertise

Round 2: Final approval by the Regional Steering Committee

Criteria for Technical Desk Evaluation


On-Site and Leadership Evaluation Criteria


Post selection
Regional anchor universities conditionally selected, must:

  • Develop a detailed implementation plan (with key partners)
  • Defined fiduciary plans
  • Provide a detailed procurement plan 
  • Develop a safeguard management plan