Eligibility criteria: 

1.    Be from one of the participating countries which have IDA funding eligibility and availability
2.    Has had at least 10-year’s history of establishment legally with at least 5 cohorts of graduates with Masters degrees   
3.    Offer postgraduate programs at the Masters level (preferably also at the PhD level) in at least one of the identified regional key gap areas 
4.    Has at least one existing active and functional regional partnership in the area of agriculture 
5.    Demonstrated on-going effort in reform/change for institutional improvement
6.    No land acquisition needed if civil works are expected to be financed under the project
7.    If an university has an existing agricultural ACE, it can apply as long as the proposed focus area for being a RAU is not the same as what is already supported by the agricultural ACE 
8.    One proposal per university