The Scholarships

This scholarship opportunity is open to African students of all race, colour, descent and who in particular are economically disadvantaged and those coming from conflict and post-conflict areas of Africa. The applicant has to be in position to qualify for admission into undergraduate and/or postgraduate programs at Gulu University and/or Egerton University as listed above. Students already having a scholarship of any kind are not eligible to benefit this scholarship opportunity anyone with a double scholarship if found will automatically be discontinued.

Eligible Programmes

The RUFORUM Technical Committee (RTC) has identified the following priority programs for the academic year 2017/2018 as eligible for application and to be supported.

Gulu University

Bachelors programmes:
1. Bachelor of Agriculture
2. Bachelor of Science in Biosystems engineering
3. Bachelor of Science in Agri-entrepreneurship and communication management
4. Bachelor of Science in food and Agribusiness

Masters Programmes:
1. Masters of Science in agri-enterprises development
2. Masters of Science in Food security and community nutrition


Egerton University

Bachelors programs :
1. Bsc. Agriculture
2. Bsc.Animal science


Masters Programs:
1. MSc. Agri-Enterprise Development
2. MSc Community Studies and Extension

Click here to download the Application Form

The Technical Committee encourages applicants interest in Peace and Conflict studies to apply in the respective universities. The RTC reserves the right to amend the list of eligible programs to provide for strategic fit into the RUFORUM Strategic Business Plan 2015-2020.


How to Apply

Applicants must be accepted for a course of study at Gulu University or Egarton University before submitting an application for a The MasterCard Foundation scholarship.


In order to be considered for the The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at RUFORUM member Universities;

Both males and females are eligible. Applicants must be;

  • Academically talented, must value learning and be driven to complete their education.
  • Economically disadvantaged and facing significant financial barriers to accessing education.
  • Committed to giving back to their own communities once studies are completed.
  • Return to their home areas and countries and take a leadership role in promoting social and economic improvement.
  • Future leaders committed to embracing ethical leadership to improve the lives of others.
  • Commitment to community service through previous and/or past engagements with community outreach activities
  • Citizens and residents of all African countries.
  • Wanting to study at undergraduate and Postgraduate level 
  • All prospective Scholars must first be admitted by Gulu niversity or Egarton Univesity to be considered for the Scholarship.

Please download the Application Forms

  1. Scholarship Application Form for The MasterCardfdn@RUFORUM 2017/2018
  2. Egerton University Masters Application Form
  3. Egerton University Undergraduate Application Form
  4. Gulu University Masters Application Form
  5. Gulu University Undergraduate Application Form

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