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Otieno Naomi Akinyi

Otieno Naomi Akinyi is a post graduate student at Egerton University pursuing Master of Science in Horticulture. Otieno holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Horticulture from Egerton University. Her current research is supported by RUFORUM through TAGDev program and focuses on biological pest control on brassicas to contribute toward increased production of brassicas and also provide environmentally friendly insect pest management strategies for the pest.
Through skills gained while previously working with AAA Growers, Naomi has dedicated her time to crop protection and study as she engages various field scouting activities whilst undertaking her master studies. She uses egg parasitoids to control Bagrada bags in selected brassicas after which their effect is monitored to yield. It is envisaged that her study will provide growers with a clear understanding of the growth responses associated with the feeding injury of bagrada bug on brassicas as well as identify its effective natural enemies leading to better management of the bug on brassica vegetables

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