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Community Action Research Programme Plus (CARP+)

Enhancing Access to High Quality Seed Potato for Improved Productivity and Income of Smallholder Farmers in Nakuru County (HQSPIPI)

Project Summary
The project seeks to transform the potato value chain within Nakuru County into a vibrant commercialized sub-sector for improved income and livelihoods of smallholder farmers. It seek to strengthen  approximately 6000 smallholder farmers in Nakuru County, Kenya, through the facilitation of potato value chain (PVC) platforms, as well as build research and skills capacity for students and support incubation of (2) business ideas along the PVC.  Read More 


Enhancing Pig Production and Marketing for Smallholder Farmers’ Livelihood Improvement in Northern Uganda (EPMSNU)

Project Summary
Pig production is suited to smallholder production because pig rearing in comparison to other livestock have unique characteristics such as faster growth rates; ability to be kept on a small piece of land; high rate of multiplication; ability to be fed on many different crop and animal products and by-products; and the fact that pig products have ready markets. Despite the enormous advantages and opportunities that pig rearing can offer to smallholder farmers in Uganda, production and productivity are constrained by many factors.  Read More 

Cassava Value Chain Upgrading for secure food, nutrition,income and resilience of smallholder farmers in the ASALs of Nakuru County (CVCU)

Project Summary
Cassava is a drought tolerant food security crop in Kenya, mainly grown for subsistence and limited commerce in western, eastern and coastal regions. Its demand is increasing in non-traditional growing regions like Nakuru County where a cassava agribusiness development initiative has been implemented by the government, Read More 

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