The AGM 2017 Side Events                                                         Download AGM 2017 Draft Programme 

  1. RUFORUM 13th Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    Every year, RUFORUM organizes an Annual General Meeting for its member universities. The RUFORUM Annual General Meeting is the supreme decision making organ of RUFORUM and provides the overall orientation of RUFORUM mission and programmes. The Annual General Meeting oversees RUFORUM’s program and management and performs such functions and tasks that it deems necessary to carry out its mandate, and accomplish its mission. The 13th RUFORUM Annual General Meeting will take place from 25th to 27th October, 2017 at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe, Malawi. Download full Concept note

  2. 14th RUFORUM Principals and Deans Open Meeting
    The 14th Principals and Deans meeting brings together Principals and Deans from all RUFORUM member universities as well as associated universities seeking common goal of transforming higher education in Africa. This 14th convening of Principals and Deans will engage examine actions and opportunities for accelerating transformation of Higher Agricultural Education with a view of training market ready and entrepreneurial graduates in Africa.. Download full Concept note

  3. 14th RUFORUM Principals and Deans BUSINESS Meeting
    The 14th Principals and Deans Business meeting will discuss matters requiring attention for furtherance of the RUFORUM mission in their respective universities and countries, and the network as a whole. Download full Concept note

  4. Sixteenth RUFORUM Board of Trustees Meeting
    The 16th Board Meeting will conduct formal business and will among others, receive and deliberate on the report of the Board Executive Committee. The meeting will deliberate and make recommendations to the Annual General meeting, due to be held on 27th October, 2017, on the following key issues, among others: Download full Concept note

  5. Training in Gender for University Principals and Deans
    RUFORUM has a gender focused strategic goal; “Increased participation and voices of women in education/ training, research and production and marketing of knowledge”.  To achieve this objective RUFORUM suppports several gender responsive interventions at individual-graduate (knowledge and skills)  and university (Internal policies, arrangements, procedures) levels.   Download the Concept Note

  6. EARTH University Visioning: South to South Collaboration for University Transformation and Community Engagement
    Those participating in this side event will have the opportunity to learn about the work EARTH University has done with university colleagues in Africa.  At the same time, we hope to elicit feedback from RUFORUM university colleagues regarding the university’s emerging vision as well as discuss ideas and opportunities for future collaboration.  Download full Concept note

  7. Partners’ meetings to discuss the Gaps and Opportunities for Enhancing Higher Education in Africa: Promoting Synergies with RUFORUM in Transforming Science, Technology and African Agriculture
    RUFORUM is working with the African Union Commission and a Committee of Ten African Heads of State to Champion Higher Education, Science and Technology Development in Africa.  RUFORUM has also been consulting widely with its members, and other stakeholders to develop a broader vision for the transformation of agriculture in Africa, and the role of universities.  Download full concept note.

  8. Training in Scientific Writing
    Packaging and dissemination of research outputs is one of the primary functions of a productive scientists and engaged scholar. Nonetheless, many scholars in Africa and particularly the graduate and postgraduate students lack skills in scientific writing. Download full concept note

  9. 11th RUFORUM Technical Committee Meeting
    According to article 34, Section 6, the RUFORUM Technical Committee (TC) “shall sit at least once a year to consider research proposals and implementation issues as shall be supported by the Secretariat in carrying out their functions”. Download full concept note

  10. RUFORUM Vision 2030 Consultations with Deans and Principals
    RUFORUM is currently implementing its 2015-2020 Strategic Business Plan. The current strategic plan recognises the need for RUFORUM to strategically evolve into an established organization ready to serve a wider mandate in relation to the vision of the Africa Union Commission (AUC) for agricultural higher education, science, technology and innovation on the continent. Download full Concept note

  11. Exhibition and Poster Display
    To provide a designated platform and informal, interactive environment for academia, farmers, the private sector, and development partners to showcase cutting edge innovations, business related products and services that have made remarkable differences in institutions as well as in lives of the communities they serve. Download full Concept note

  12. Signing of FAO and RUFORUM MoU
    The overall goal of the FAO-RUFORUM partnership is to increase the engagement of Africa’s academic institutions in FAO actions in Africa to eradicate hunger, malnutrition and increase sustainability of agriculture. Download full Concept note

  13. Closing Ceremony of the 13th RUFORUM General Assembly and Handing over of Membership Certificates to new RUFORUM Members
    This event will be the climax of the RUFORUM 2017 AGM and associated side-events.  The guest of honour will be Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for the government of Malawi (formerly Minister of Education, Science and Technology).Download full Concept note

  14. Third Planning Meeting for the African Union Committee of 10 Heads of States Championing Education, Science and Technology in Africa
    During the two consultation meetings, it was also agreed that the third expert consultation meeting be convened and case studies on the status of higher education, science and technology be conducted across the continent with cases of Ghana, Senegal and Malawi prior to the meeting of the C10. Download full Concept note

  15. The RUFORUM International Advisory Panel Meeting
    This meeting will focus enable RUFORUM’s International Advisory Panel to meet and deliberate on the current and future status of the RUFORUM network and provide relevant advise to the Secretariat. It will also draw upon the wide experience of the IAP to inform the operations of the network based on existing and upcoming initiative related to RUFORUMs operations. Download full Concept note

  16. Strengthening Leadership and Management Capacity of Mid-Level University Managers and Administrators to facilitate Africa’s transformation Agenda
    The overarching objective of the training is to stimulate the transformative capacity of universities to respond to the increasing demand for technology and knowledge as a driver of national and continental development. Download full Concept note

  17. Capacity Development Programme for Leadership in African Universities Round II
    The aim of the programme is to strengthen leadership and governance capacities of public university leaders in Africa in order to make their universities more competitive. Specifically, it will enable the university leaders to share ideas, examine best practices and see how best these could be adapted to suit the unique situation of respective universities. Download full Concept note

  18. Recognition of Outstanding Achievers :IMPRESSA, Young Scientists and Model Farmers​..
    Formal recognition of excellence can improve and catalyze quality of contributions from researchers and farmers in transforming Africa. Unfortunately, there are few arrangements that provide for appropriate recognition of achievements of champions along the various components of the agricultural sector spectrum. Download full Concept note

  19. Developing Transformative Leadership in African Universities
    The Side Event will showcase the partnership between MSU and LUANAR, which led to the Innovation Scholars Program (ISP), a leadership development program that catalyzed a group of thought leaders at LUANAR. Download full Concept not

  20. Project Development Write-shop
    For proposal development, a background presentation on the importance and avenues for mobilising resources for research for development and training at the university will be made by RUFORUM. An active Call for proposals will be identified by the RUFORUM facilitation team and teams at LUANAR guided to propose research/training topics in 3-5 areas on which proposals will be generated. Download full Concept note

  21. Second Author Workshop for Preparing a Book on Tertiary Agricultural Education in Africa
    This second author’s workshop is purposed to advance the book development from the structured chapter outlines to full chapter drafts with guided chapter development. Download full Concept note

  22. Ministerial Round Table on Strengthening Education, Science and Technology in Africa
    The Round-table meeting of African Ministers of Education, Science and Technology of selected African Countries will be organised to obtain further direction and guidance to on-going initiatives in the area of education, science and technology in Africa.Download full Concept note  

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